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Volunteering with ds9 (Edited by MNHQ)

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Legwarmers Sat 21-Oct-17 09:33:15

Ds 9 - needs some help from me to build resilience and confidence. He is quite sensitive but doesn't show this - and would rather not do / try things if he doesn't think it will be perfect. He does lots of extra curricular sports and music - but I need to help him build empathy - I am thinking of volunteering - the two of us together if possible. Do you know of any ideas ? weekends preferably where they accept children to volunteer with parents- not cub scouts - but something like soup kitchen as it would be quite lively which he might like - thanks

Legwarmers Sat 21-Oct-17 09:36:53

Forgot to add we are in inner city London - so we are not near rural farms or even city farms

wineoclockthanks Sun 22-Oct-17 11:01:01

How about visiting a local residential or nursing home? Many have a befriending scheme and in my experience, they love seeing young children.

Ds10 comes with me when we visit my mum and often chats to the other residents or sometimes reads their magazines to/with them.

Mary21 Sun 22-Oct-17 13:00:36

Conservation volunteers?

Mary21 Sun 22-Oct-17 14:42:27

You might find something here

EduCated Sun 22-Oct-17 22:11:31

I believe Parkrun is quite a popular option for volunteering with children

Legwarmers Sun 22-Oct-17 22:12:36

Thank you all - some good places to contact!

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