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Reading and spelling in yr 1

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rvge Thu 19-Oct-17 06:59:25

My grandaughter is in yr 1 and is on orange level (which she is reading confidently). For homework this week she had eight spellings to learn such as dirty, twirl and corner. Last week the homework was to w rite five sentences with adjectives in the sentences.
She enjoys doing the homework, has no problems with the spellings or sentences.
I am just interested to know whether this is what all (state) primaries are doing in yr 1.

PurpleDaisies Thu 19-Oct-17 07:04:16

That would be normal at my school.

MrsPworkingmummy Thu 19-Oct-17 07:11:26

Your grand-daughter sounds like she's doing amazingly. My DD is in Year 1. She's on 'red' books which she reads well, but still has to sound out basic words. I've attached her spellings which she has had to learn for today - she's confident with the first five, but can't get her head around the second five. She receives these weekly. HW is set each Friday and last week the task was to draw and label street furniture. The week prior to that she had to place odd and even numbers in the correct column. My DD understands the work, but doesn't understand it to any great depth.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Thu 19-Oct-17 07:42:04

no homework except reading for my year 1 son

2014newme Thu 19-Oct-17 07:59:48

Yes that sounds entirely normal
Reading level is fine

rvge Thu 19-Oct-17 09:32:10

Glad to hear that granddaughters school seems to be doing the same level of work as other schools.
MrsPWorkingmummy your DD seems to be doing very similar homework. At our school it is given out on a Friday and has to be handed in on the following Wednesday, (and parents get told off if not handed in on time!!!!)
My granddaughters biggest "problem" is lack of concentration. Not sure how we can help her with that but she absolutely loves it in yr 1 and I think that's the main thing.

2014newme Thu 19-Oct-17 09:40:25

Tbh homework at that age has been shown to have zero value anyway.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Fri 20-Oct-17 15:58:30

Just asked my yr1 son and he says they do spellings in school and they vary according to RWI group.
Some of the biff and chip books also have paired homework but I don’t think we’ll be getting anymore biff and chip books so had none of that homework either.

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