Is this lack of attention or something more?

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ineedamoreadultieradult Wed 18-Oct-17 23:08:45

DS's first parent evening in year 6 hasn't gone well. According to his teacher he doesn't put any effort in, does the bare minimum and isn't going to 'pass year 6'.

This is the first we have heard of this every other parents evening has been along the lines of he is very middle of the line academically with no problems.

Having looked at his books which I had to pretty much beg to do I can see his written work is awful. With is spelt whith, anything that ends in an s has an apostrophe before the s regardless as to if it actually needs one, in one sentence he spelt 'it' I't!

We have raised his spelling before as we had concerns but have always been told it was ok. He also misses out words in the middle of sentences so 'she sent a letter' is written 'she sent letter' and 'I fell chair' for 'I fell off the chair'. He does this when he reads as well but I always assumed that was just because he was trying to read too fast and I'm always telling him to slow down and read every word.

Does this just sound like an able child not putting the effort in or does it sound more like a serious issue that the school should have identified earlier than year 6?

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Paperdolly Wed 18-Oct-17 23:20:49

IMHO. He’s moving up to year 7 (into a new school?) next year and the school is blaming him for something they should have picked up earlier. His confusion re the use of an apostrophe and reading his work back to himself to see if it makes sense.

I would see how he does in his new school before worrying too much. smile

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