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Reading schemes

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constantnc Wed 18-Oct-17 21:55:22

In Welsh.....

We probably all know (and love/hate) chip, floppy etc

DC has just started school - it is a bilingual school -- rather than the English section the older siblings opted for, DC wanted to go with friends into the Welsh class, and so for the first time we are embracing Welsh

we are an English family - Can anybody help me find a Welsh reading scheme to use at home please?

we bought the use at home floppy etc box set in English for older kids ....which said child was starting to read but we have stopped now to avoid confusion!

we borrow books from the library and buy our own etc....but i'd like a proper reading scheme in welsh to use....thanks.

Kokeshi123 Thu 19-Oct-17 00:45:27

Hmmm.... I don't know much about Welsh, but I believe that the orthography is extremely transparent. English has a very complex spelling system, meaning that sound-letter correspondences have to be specifically taught one by one, and the reading schemes with graded readers reflect this.

Since there is not this need in Welsh, perhaps any simple picture book (short sentences, large clear print with largish gaps between the words and lines) would be sufficient to practice?

I raise my child in a country where the initial writing system used for children's books is very transparent and easy to learn--we just use picture books like the ones I describe, and gradually encourage her to read more and more by herself. First one word per page, then a short phrase, then one sentence per page, then "you read one page, I'll read one page."

It's actually wonderfully organic compared with teaching English (where you have to have these little books with stilted language in the early stages for them to practice, and then you have "proper" books for sharing with them, and the two types of book are completely separate for a while). And the lovely thing is that they have almost free choice--they can go to the bookshelf and choose the story book they like, rather than having to have a graded reader of the right "book band" to practice with.

constantnc Thu 19-Oct-17 13:15:46


I have found one called ned y morwr....but out of have ordered and hope for the best.

l can't figure out a book band system with the welsh class, so maybe it just doesn't happen, so far we have bought the books we have liked the look of....the tricky bit it figuring out how to say some of the words - and hoping i am saying them correctly - we are at the point where my 4 yr old is correcting me, so I think 'reading' is starting...

i think its probably more important that we are reading something at home....than nothing..5 weeks into school and nothing has come home - so i'm still in the dark! but loves school so i'll take that smile

thanks again!

Norestformrz Thu 19-Oct-17 16:16:42

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