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Advice needed on poor emotional health material

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GoodSchoolButNeedToListen Wed 18-Oct-17 14:56:44

NC as don't won't to either out myself or the school.

Our primary is bringing in an emotional health program which I think is is brilliant, but I would as I'm a mental health professional. They sent out details of the program they've bought and out of curiosity I had a look to see what they'd be doing. The website gives brief details, a few examples and no indication of evidence base or qualifications. Looking at the 'examples'. Every single one raised concerns as they had concerning (risky) elements to them from a psychological point of view. It reminded me of something a student would put together fir a project and you'd send them back with a 'good start, now consider this and this and incorporate this'.

Assuming the website was just brief called for more information. Found out it's a one man operation and he has zero training or experience AT ALL and there has been no professional involvement in designing the program. He also showed no understanding of even basic risk management with the ostchologucal interventions used. When asked basic questions he got very defensive.

So I spoke to school. I explained my concerns from a professional viewpoint and met a brick wall. They are willing to show me the materials (I think just to placate me) but didn't take on board our concerns as the Church has OK'd the course!!!!!!

I've also rung our local Ed Psych to alert her to this and my concerns. She was very professional, seemed to truly empathise with my Clinical concerns, but could only suggest talking to school as she has no authority in this.

So my question is who should I try and alert to this? In my professional opinion this course, as it stands, should not be used. But I work in healthcare not education. If this was in healthcare it would not be allowed to be used. As the 'developer' (who also devilers sone sessions) is totally unqualified he has no professional body, no HCPC, or anything. I'm also wondering about the bigger picture that multiple schools are buying this in and there is no qualified / trained oversight.

GoodSchoolButNeedToListen Wed 18-Oct-17 14:58:38

Correction - and the psychological interventions used

Iris65 Wed 18-Oct-17 15:08:29

Board of governors? LEA?
Provide a systematic and detailed analysis of the areas of concern and include your evidence base. Concentrate on potential for harm to children of exposure to triggering or inaccurate material.
You could contact the Samaritans who do a lot of work with media about safe reporting and try MIND too. They are likely to have the evidence - but I am sure you have access too!
Good luck. I have sat through some truly shocking outsourced programmes delivered to school children.

Iris65 Wed 18-Oct-17 15:13:46

I don't think you can prevent Johnny 'its all on the web' Expert from designing and selling courses.
What you can do is try to ensure that providers for training in schools have to be qualified and experienced. Fun PowerPoints and student centred buzz words are not enough when dealing with mental and/or sexual health - but you know that 😉

GoodSchoolButNeedToListen Wed 18-Oct-17 15:27:30

Thanks Iris for the ideas.
Unfortunately as I work with adults, not children, I don't feel specialised enough to speak with authority' on the specifics. However, from extensive trading including child work, can recognise the glaring issues. Plus there is only a bit of info on the website.
I don't think I'll get anywhere with our school (using 'our' as another parent agrees) but, as you say, it's the fact completely untrained and unqualified people are allowed to provide potentially damaging interventions.
Who would you advise contacting in the LEA? I don't think our Biard of Governors would be useful in this case as the 'Church' are overseeing it (sigh).
I hadn't thought of Samaritans/Mind etc. Do you think they would be interested? I'd also thought of writing to my MP.

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