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Would you challenge an ofsted report?

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taratill Tue 17-Oct-17 15:49:52

The ofsted report has been published for my DC's school.

It has retained 'Good' status.

I have read the letter online and fundamentally disagree with some of the findings particularly in regard to SENCO arrangements, leadership and safeguarding.

I know 1 family that removed their child due to unidentified SEN issues, I had a child to anxious to attend in year 6 (last academic year) due to unidentified learning difficulties a bullying teacher and I raised several safeguarding issues with the head at the time (yet the report says overall attendance is good and children are happy and the school responds well to safeguarding issues - I actually have evidence of failing to report a major safeguarding issue! )

I feel very angry about the report but because I still have a child at the school, he would struggle with a new school because of emotional and social issues I just don't know what to do.

Has anyone ever responded to an Osted report as a parent and what was the process?

Before anyone asks I did complete the parent view form honestly. A quarter of parents stated that they did not feel the head was a good leader yet his leadership skills are commended in the form.

Am I wasting my energy to even consider it?

keepingbees Tue 17-Oct-17 16:04:42

If you feel strongly enough then its probably worth you looking into.
I believe it says on the Ofsted website that they will only take on complaints if you've already been through the schools complaints procedure and not had success. The school should have info on this on their website, and it usually involves you putting your concerns in writing and going through the school governors.

taratill Tue 17-Oct-17 16:14:12

I'm going to talk to DH tonight. There are parts of it that I feel are factually incorrect and that the HT must know are factually incorrect. I don't know to what extent data can be hidden from OFSTED but it feels as though some form of cover up has happened going by some comments which are directly opposite to my personal experience.

I wish my son would be happy to change school. That would free me up much more to stand up to it.

grasspigeons Tue 17-Oct-17 16:58:03

I don't know if there is a mechanism to challenge ofsted findings? Is there a process you can follow. I think that you can only complain to the school that you believe they have misled ofsted and outlining the reasons why. You would have to closely follow the complaints procedure to the letter.

taratill Tue 17-Oct-17 17:05:20

grasspigeons I don't know if there is either.

I am just concerned about the safeguarding issue that has been brushed under the carpet.

I think I might phone ofsted tomorrow to ask the question without asking details.

As I said earlier I would go out all guns blazing were it not for having another child in the school who would probably suffer for emotional reasons if I had to move him. I'm not sure it is tenable to make such a complaint when there is another child in the school.

PotteringAlong Tue 17-Oct-17 17:07:12

Did you raise all of this in your parental questionnaire?

2014newme Tue 17-Oct-17 17:08:19

The parents questionnaire and complaints to ofsted are the only routes I have heard of

taratill Tue 17-Oct-17 17:20:34

potteringon I raised concerns in the parent view. I didn't raise the specific safeguarding issue as it was clear from the form that the form is not for specific complaints which should be done separately. I didn't raise a formal complaint (external to the head) at the time because as long as it is recorded and the same thing doesn't happen again then in my opinion it's dealt with. I also had the issue of other child in school that I have already mentioned.

I am concerned that the safeguarding issue isn't flagged in the school records though because it should be. I know it is not from the wording of the report which compliments the school on handling / reporting of safeguarding. That simply would not be on there if this omission was properly recorded in the records.

2014 I agree, I think I will contact Ofsted for confidential advice tomorrow.

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