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Moving areas Best time end school yr or start?

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Barksb Mon 16-Oct-17 16:07:59

Difficult to answer but general consensus please!
Looking to move areas at the end of this school year (yr2). Would the chance of a school place and ideally a choice be more likely at the end of this school year (move for the last half-term. At least have an address and school place before the six week holidays.
Or wait until September in the hope of movement from state to private for junior school. Therefore creating more state places.
Obviously this is all very ideal and will be driven by the sale and purchase of house.
Area is Reading where there seems to be mix of outstanding, good and not so good schools. Along with a lot of private schools.

catslife Mon 16-Oct-17 16:57:22

For Y3 entry would say the best time to move schools is September.
For Juniors the infant class size rules don't apply, so schools can admit an extra pupils more easily.
When moving to an area, you can usually apply for a school place once you have exchanged contracts rather than when you have actually moved. So if you exchanged in July, you could move for September.

Barksb Mon 16-Oct-17 20:29:03

That sounds good, thank you. I didn't know that with regards to the Juniors class sizes. Would work out well to secure a school place before September so that we can plan (rather than being in limbo whilst that the schools are closed over the holidays) and no schooling will be missed!

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