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2 hours of english a day

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NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Mon 16-Oct-17 02:12:46

New headteacher came in last year. Decided that the end of ks2 reading results are too low and decreed that we would all teach 2 hours of English a day.
So from 9-11, the whole school (juniors only) does English, then play time, then an hour of maths.
This means 5 hours of creative curriculum has gone.
Is anyone else's school like this. I'm really struggling to motivate the children for 2 hours a day What would OFSTED make of this?

Kokeshi123 Mon 16-Oct-17 03:08:54

How much flexibility do you have over contents? Is there any possibility of teaching literacy THROUGH contents of various kinds?

Like, do geography-, history- and science- related teaching with lots and lots of reading and writing involved?

You could point out to your head that the kids are not going to ace their SATS unless they develop a strong vocabulary.

irvineoneohone Mon 16-Oct-17 06:19:08

Agree with Kokeshi.
I think my ds's school do incorporate other subject into literacy as well.
Do some science experiment and write reports/instructions, research history and write about it, do some cooking and write down recipe and how to cook etc. Has been doing since yr3. Seems like everything is connected to literacy these days.

Norestformrz Mon 16-Oct-17 06:30:18

It’s impossible to teach any subject without including English in some form speaking and listening, reading and writing.

As others have said it’s fairly simple to make a cross curricular link with English teaching. Your book study could be linked to history, geography, science, RE ...just about anything. Your writing could be a non chronological report linked to science, a diary of an historical event or a geographical visit, a fact file for any subject , drama linked to an educational visit or study. The possibilities are endless.

irvineoneohone Mon 16-Oct-17 07:07:46

We have been using this site for literacy at home for while. It shows it is very easy to find literacy topics related to other subjects.!q:/g:/t:0/pt:/features:/

NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Tue 17-Oct-17 06:57:02

Thanks guys. We have to do one hour of writing and one hour of either reading comp or SPAG. I link it where I can, it's just so tedious

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