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ISEB Common protests

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Nateismine Sat 14-Oct-17 13:32:24

DS9 is doing well in his state primary school. We have been saving up to go private for secondary. I'd like him to sit the Common Pretest exam which needs to be done in year 6. Does anyone have any experience of this and is there anything I should be doing to prepare him?

Michaelahpurple Sat 14-Oct-17 14:00:58

I love the idea of common protests !

Google Bofa 11+ which are least Ina. V similar format to the pretest.

Michaelahpurple Sat 14-Oct-17 14:01:42

And it depends on which school you are applying for whether it is done in year 6 or year 7.

Nateismine Sat 14-Oct-17 14:44:48

The senior school website seems to suggest that tests can be done in Yr 6 or 7.

LIZS Sat 14-Oct-17 17:32:20

What would be your plan for year 7 and 8? Will the offer require CE?

Nateismine Sun 15-Oct-17 09:14:43

Plan is a prep school for Yr 7 and 8 and yes to CE.
Am I deluding myself that I can help him prepare for the pretest?

LIZS Sun 15-Oct-17 10:26:53

If you are serious about the independent consider moving earlier. In theory pretests need little preparation but they need to be familiar with the format of questions and time constraints. Does this school, or any back up plan , also intake at 11?

Nateismine Sun 15-Oct-17 10:31:38

We do not have unlimited finances so are trying not to pay for as long as possible! Is it really difficult for a state school primary child to get into a good independent? My DS is a bright boy but not exceptional.

LIZS Sun 15-Oct-17 10:44:41

Does his state school have any experience of sending pupils to such schools?

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