Prospect House, Fulham Perp or Falcons School for Girls

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JK13 Thu 12-Oct-17 13:20:23

Hello lovely mum's, can you please kindly share your experience with any of the above schools? I am looking for the happy school which allowes children to achieve high by teaching them passion to learn. School which looks after each individual child needs. I have visit all 3 schools and I like each of them for a different reason. Perhaps I am overthinking it too much but would be so much easier if I have a strong gut feeling about one. Therefore I am very keen to hear from happy / unhappy parents who have kids in any of the above schools. Thank you.

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IrrationalAnthem Thu 12-Oct-17 23:59:32

I’ve been thrilled with PHS. Two of my, very different, children have thrived there. They’ve been challenged, excited and supported through their primary school years. Most of all I’d say that they felt happy and valued.

EchoP Thu 18-Jan-18 12:27:10

Hi JK. I am at Falcons Girls. The school is still evolving after moving and changing the head; it isn't the polished slick operation of more established prep schools . It also isn't large or selective so they don't win all the matches, competitions etc. But I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you are looking for a small school where the teachers and pupils know each other no matter what year group, where the teaching is excellent and the class sizes small. The non selection results in a variety of kids, skills, ability and outlook, and the small classes mean the teachers can operate an open door policy all the time and respond to all needs/issues. The kids get an opportunity to try everything no matter their ability and are encouraged all the time to do their best. Hope that helps!

FrogMog Thu 18-Jan-18 19:02:01

Always hear great things about Prospect House.
Fulham Prep is very established. It now has the senior dept and while it claims it will still prep for elsewhere, I'd worry that in 6 years it won't be and it will be keen to be an 'all through'. So consider that.

jellycat1 Fri 19-Jan-18 11:08:36

I looked round PHS and loved it but was worried about it only going to 11 as I have boys. I registered them anyway and DS would likely be starting in Sept, but we're currently living overseas. Have lots of friends with kids who've been there and hear nothing but praise. Don't know Falcons. Fulham Prep seems to have been largely a fallback school for my group of friends but seems a happy school.

efp198 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:54:53

We are at PHS with two boys, after an 18 month false start at another nearby school. PHS is an amazing school - they are supportive yet push the children where needed, the teaching is consistently excellent and my children come back inspired and positive about school. I can usually find fault with anything, but I truly struggle with PHS ex it being a bit of a commute for me and having to park a few hundred meters away. The school can get the grades at 11 to be elite, yet do it in the child’s own time and focus on the best outcome for each child. Coming from Wimbledon I am surprised by how few people know about the school, but maybe it is as it can be hard to get a place. Quite a few of my friends are currently trying to move their children to PHS too having seen the impact on my children and how happy we are after a year.

Rumpleteezer Thu 22-Feb-18 19:55:43

How about Putney High? It stood out to us when we looked around on the open day. I know two families who have moved their children from Prospect House, both to state schools, but they didn't say why. Leavers list looks very impressive!


Bellseybub Sat 18-Aug-18 09:28:43

We have had a phenomenal experience at Prospect House school and I can’t recommend it enough. I feel a little disappointed in Rumplteezers comments as it’s quite negative without any substantial facts. People leave for all kinds of reasons, and to move to the state system may be down to finances more than anything - without knowing, it has no reflection on PHS. We also liked Putney High at open day, but upon actually being offered a place and re-visiting, we had a number of concerns and felt Prospect House was in fact a better school. Putney High also has substantial construction works underway next to the junior school for the next few yrs and quite run down facilities compared to PHS. The one to one attention at PH is also amazing and the learning curve brilliant. Our child is also so happy and loves school - a critical step to engage them in endorsing their learning.

mumofan8yearoldgirl Mon 17-May-21 22:02:12

@EchoP hi, I am considering Falcons school for girls and I see your daughter was (is?) there, just wondering how the school progressed since 2018, as you said the school was still evolving then?

EchoP Tue 18-May-21 13:03:47

Hello. My youngest is now near the top of the school. I'd absolutely recommend it. It is settled and established with a very strong senior leadership team led by a considered, committed head. My daughters flourished and continue to flourish there.
It isn't tied to any secondary school which I think is an advantage. It means that your daughter is much more likely to end up in a secondary that fits them than if you sent them to, for example, putney high, where it would be very hard to move them from their friendship groups if the secondary wasn't suitable. And the diverse range of destinations means no girls feels they are moving to a 'lesser' place than others - the school work hard to eliminate any elitism among the girls in terms of secondary choices.
It caters excellently with all abilities and builds up a forensic knowledge of a girls strengths and weaknesses. The variety of leavers destinations for the last few years along with the outstanding ofsted report back up what I say, but these pieces of paper don't convey the rich experience the girls get at the school through learning, music art and sports, and through a thoughtful and considered pastoral programme particularly targeted to girls. It is an incredibly happy school where every girl is someone.

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