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Going to an open day for a new school tomorrow, what should I ask?

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EatsFartsAndLeaves Wed 11-Oct-17 21:24:56

New school as in it's only just been built, it's a Dixons Academy and has so far only got 30 reception kids for this year. It will eventually be a joint primary and secondary school.

Hope this links to the right place

My child won't start school until 2019 but we're pretty close to this so I want to get some impressions of it while I have the chance.

Please could you help me figure out what I should ask, what to look out for and what some of the language might mean in terms of the underlying ethos of the school.


wwwwwwwwwwwwww Thu 12-Oct-17 03:31:08

As it's an Academy.
Are all the teachers qualified?
Will you use HLTA's to take lessons?
Ask about homework, behaviour and uniform as they tend to be good indicators of ethos.
Depending on your child what's the provision for gifted SEN pupils.

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