Cavendish Vs Pembridge Hall

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Zaphod07 Tue 10-Oct-17 20:09:30

Hello mums,

I would love to hear from mums with children in either Cavendish School in Camden and/or Pembridge Hall in Nottinghill. Are you happy with the school--what are the strengths and the not-so-good bits?

Thank you in advance!

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nottinghillsam Tue 06-Feb-18 14:30:16

DD is now Y3 at Pembridge Hall. Mostly good, but probably better for girls who do not want to be stretched academically. Half of the cleverest girls disappear to Bute after Y2 (good and bad, the clever girls who stay at Pembridge are thereafter very clearly the cleverest Pembridge has and so perhaps happier - that jury is out for us currently.)

The girls have great fun, a healthy time and never-ending schedule of parties, sleepovers and fun social stuff out-of-school. Incredibly wealthy parent group leads to a slightly unworldly experience, but that is not necessarily a bad thing for the younger girls. However, all attempts to encourage Head to develop structures and resources for the cleverer girls (or perhaps the more academically ambitious parents!) are just fobbed off with blather about the need to "involve everyone whatever their ability." I have begun to question the Head's commitment to improvement (seems more worried about the nutritional implications of birthday cakes than developing extra maths classes etc.)

Suits our DD enormously, but I do feel the school could be a lot better with just a little more effort so becoming quite frustrated...

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