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Dyslexia portfolio

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user1495443009 Thu 05-Oct-17 19:20:10

DD who will be 7 in the next 2 months and is in year 2 got a dyslexia portfolio report from school. She has been having speech therapy since she was 3 and is behind a school compared to her peers; she struggles a bit with reading and is only reading blue; so I requested she was assessed for dyslexia. I understand the portfolio is the first stage. She was assessed by the person in charge of SENCO at school. I got the report and everything says she is either above average or average in the difference aspects and in other words that she is capable to cope with school work.

I don't understand why she is so behind then? Does this mean she is not likely to suffer from dislexia and won't be assessed for it? Not sure if they will still involve the educational psychologist.

Anybody with experience of these reports who can provide guidance. I will be talking to the SENCO person at some point but I am just curious now.

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