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7 year old emotional

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ninjamumof2 Thu 05-Oct-17 18:24:39

Hi, my ds has had a few occasions of getting upset in playground before school. He had speech delay when younger and as result seems bit behind his peers with social interaction so has struggled with friendships. We can sense when he's about to get upset and try to ask him before school what's wrong and he never really says but then at school starts getting teary which builds in to crying and then clinging to us. One time he refused to go in to school and TA had to take him in.

Although he normally enjoys school, he has had problems with finding friends. One 'friend' is sometimes nice and sometimes isn't to him although at moment I think that's got better. We try encourage other friendships which sometimes work but I think a lot of the time he says he's played with children to us but hasn't. He never says he gets upset because of friends/playtimes, but doesn't know why.

How can we encourage him to open up and not to get so upset in playground? Don't want to get him to suppress all his emotions as know that's not right but we worry him getting upset in playground isn't helping him find friends and he's making it harder for himself.

Anyone been through similar, all advice gratefully received! Thank you x

AJPTaylor Thu 05-Oct-17 18:31:16

have you discussed with the school? my dd was similar, speech delay and emotionally quite immature. she did have friends but found it hard to find them in the playground. the teacher and dinner lady helped sort it out.

ninjamumof2 Thu 05-Oct-17 18:40:52

Thanks for this. We've tried previously speaking to teacher but in some ways made it worse as teacher asked whole class 'who wants to play with x as he's not got anyone to play with'! We haven't had chance to speak to his teacher this term but plan to do so.

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