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Primary schools - Hollingdean?

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sarahg23 Wed 04-Oct-17 11:13:53

Hi, we've been thinking of moving for years to Brighton from the north west. This summer (or lack of it) has made us decide to take the leap. We're currently looking at Hollingdean. DS will start school Sept '19. Does anyone have primary school recommendations? Many thanks : )

nadsabdo Wed 04-Oct-17 12:48:21

Hi. We moved to Hollingdean about 5 years ago. It's a lovely area and is (a bit) cheaper than the nearby fiveways although that is rapidly changing. Both my children (3 and 7) go to Hertford and have thrived there. It's a wonderful, caring school whose ethos really focuses on the whole child as well as educational achievement. There is a strong sense of community and I especially love the outdoor green space they have to play in. The teachers are committed, approachable and endlessly enthusiastic. Would wholeheartedly recommend

sarahg23 Wed 04-Oct-17 13:18:38

Oh great - yes we can get a slightly bigger house there. The green spaces is actually a priority for us. DS goes to a nursery here in the park, and loves being outside, so would seem a shame to lose that. Also, much as I think he'll probably cope under pressure, I am really keen he goes somewhere where SATs are not the main focus. (I've heard so many horror stories from parents round here.) I probably should have said the priorities before! Thanks for your reply. Will definitely have a look.

jodiewildfire Wed 04-Oct-17 13:33:29

Hollingdean is brilliant! Come and join us! My kids have both been at Hertford - now 8 and 12. The infant and junior schools are on separate sites but have the same governing body. My son finished at the junior school in 2016 and they had the highest percentage of kids in the whole of Brighton achieving the higher level on SATS (not that I agree with SATS, but clearly an excellent school!). The juniors got a bad Ofsted report a few years ago (criticised quite weird things like dental hygiene...) and I think that made some parents a bit wary of it, but it's been brilliant for both my kids - really creative use of the outdoor space (which is huge and borders the South Downs National Park) - they started a topic on the Tudors by making weapons all morning and then re-enacting the Battle of Bosworth on the hillside in the afternoon. Oh and there are chickens and a couple of wildlife ponds and a little forest garden and a really friendly community of parents - quite a lot of us decamp to a field for a week on the last day of the summer term for canoeing and camping and circus skills etc.

drjanel Wed 04-Oct-17 19:23:04

I agree with all the above- both Hertford Infant and Junior schools are such great schools. The schools both have lots of green space, the Juniors is set on the Downs and even has chickens (what's not to love!).
The schools provide a very caring and nurturing environment where children can grow in confidence and really thrive. The teaching is of a really high standard and the teachers are all very nice. Through the schools I have met such wonderful people and have had such a positive experience of living in Hollingdean- you should come join us!

sarahg23 Wed 04-Oct-17 19:39:01

Oh wow. Thanks guys! That's exactly why we want to move to Brighton. I've looked at the school info on the website and it just looks lovely! Plus the community spirit is really refreshing.We reckon we could be there in 6 to 9 months so if it suits I'd love to meet you! Many thanks for making the transition easier -you know what kids going to primary school is like...nerves!

missl1 Wed 04-Oct-17 19:49:44

be aware however that this is also going on:

jodiewildfire Wed 04-Oct-17 21:18:11

It is going on - it's a local authority consultation about reducing the admission numbers, but the whole community is fighting it which is one of the things that makes Hollingdean so great! And as long as parents choose to send their kids there, the admission numbers won't be reduced.

sarahg23 Thu 05-Oct-17 21:25:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nadsabdo Thu 05-Oct-17 21:58:44

Hey- just wanted to clarify. The school isnt threatened with closure- there is discussion about reducing form intake in response to generally lower intake numbers across Brighton. Head and parents speaking out against it for various reasons not least because we love our school the way it is! Doesnt detract from the many positives highlighted above!

fieldsomewhere Mon 09-Oct-17 12:08:18

Be aware that there is a certain amount of snobbery around Hertford Juniors school as it is on a different site to the infants and closer to council housing so the mix of children at both schools is more diverse that the other options Balfour and Downs. I have friends with kids at all the local schools and we are really lucky to have fantastic schools, both infants and juniors on our door steps.
Hollingdean is a lovely community and it's diversity means children are grounded and ready for the real world. Local children attending Hertford Infants and Herford Juniors means children are able to walk to school without crossing busy city roads, developing their independence and preparing them for secondary school.
Both my kids have been to Hertford Infants and Hertford Juniors and my youngest is still at the Juniors. The schools are brilliant and have lots of green space for them to flourish and learn. Teachers are excellent and a huge amount of effort and focus is put on well being and happiness.
All the local schools here are great and I'm sure your kids will be happy at any of them but there is a great community in Hollingdean and it is lovely for children to go to school with their neighbours and families they will grow up around.

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