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Good independent schools in Edinburgh

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schoolsearch79 Tue 26-Sep-17 23:16:59

Hi I am waiting to hear which independent school is good for my 2 daughters for admission into Nursery.
We have zeored few schools (St George for Girls), ESMS, & Cargilfield. But not sure to which school to send and which is best.
I am in need for everyone's opinion and please do advice.

PotteringAlong Tue 26-Sep-17 23:20:09

It doesn't matter about which one everyone else thinks is best, it's about which is best for your daughter.

When you went to look round, which one did you like the most?

schoolsearch79 Wed 27-Sep-17 21:13:39

Hi, thank you for your reply,i have been to ESMS , George Herriot and one we would be seeing on 7th October St George for Girls. So far the two schools we saw for Nursery as my little one is just under 4 years and my youngest 14 months looked good to me. But thinking of long term as they would be in the same school(s) till secondary and I dont want to make a decision in rush and then later to regret my decision.
Academically ESMS & St George for girls what I heard is good by looking at different forums. But want to hear from others who's children might have been OR going to the different independent schools of their opinion right from the children's care at Schools to academically if its good & in extra curricular activities.

stargirl1701 Wed 27-Sep-17 21:15:48

Try posting is Scotsnet too, OP?

motherstongue Fri 29-Sep-17 21:09:15

Cargilfield are having an open morning on Thursday 5th. i would encourage you to go along. It really does depend on what you are looking for in a junior school. With a long term view, Cargilfield is a Prep school, it very much sees that as it primary function. It prepares each child and guides parents and child towards the right school for that individual. ThIs is an unashamedly competitive school with high expectations in all fields whether it is academics, sport, drama or art but all done in a warm, welcoming, supportive and caring environment. No mean feat! The highly academic are very well catered for with scholarships obtained to the top public schools like Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey, Rugby etc and Scottish Independents like Fettes and Glenalmond. The less academically inclined are also well catered for with the school having a wonderful knack of finding talents to nurture in everyone. The down side...once they reach form 5 the school day runs from 8.30 until 6.00 pm (with clubs until 8.00 pm Mon-Thursday), the cost (it is a good wedge more expensive than the Edinburgh day schools), your child will probably end up boarding eventually (if not at Cargilfield then quite possibly for senior schools as it becomes normalised to the children that most will board so you might want to factor that in).

Reading back I do sound like I work for them, honestly I don't 😀

We looked at St. George's for Senior. Liked it very much but it doesn't feel cosy in the way Cargilfield does, not such a big issue for senior but much more important for nursery and preprep.

starving Sat 30-Sep-17 17:33:56

Whereabouts in Edinburgh do you live? You are going to do that journey everyday, twice a day for the next few years. Which schools are best reached by public transport from where you live. There will come a point when your dc wants some independence.

Not much to choose between them academically as they are all very good schools. Which one "feels" a good fit. You will know when you feel it. We looked at several schools and one was a really good fit for dd.

ESMS schools and GH follow the Scottish curriculum. Cargilfield follows the English curriculum and St Georges mainly Scottish but with English influences (certain A levels etc). Cargilfield is a prep school so there will be a point that you need to look for another school, whereas the others are all through schools and you are unlikely to need to look for another school.

After all that there are more parents looking for places than places so the choice may be made for you.

GinGarden Sun 01-Oct-17 10:27:57

Cargilfield lovely prep school. Def recommend you go to the Open Day.

RapidStreaming Sun 01-Oct-17 10:48:16

Cargilfield, no contest. Somehow manages to nurture all whilst extending most able. Lots of individual attention, lots of sport, drama and music.
Friendliest feel to the place.
Also I wouldn't be too concerned about age 13 onwards - you children are nursery age. Who knows what type of school will suit them best in 10 years time. You may have move locations by then, they may have developed specific interests.
Choose what is good for now, and move them later as and when you feel it is right to.

Teddy7878 Sun 01-Oct-17 10:55:08

I went to GH and absolutely loved it. It's a really nice environment considering what a huge school it is. JK Rowling's children go there.

I'd also recommend Watsons, St Serfs, Steiners and Fettes

starving Sun 01-Oct-17 22:12:36

Teddy7878 St Serfs hasn't existed for nearly 10 years. It merged with Clifton Hall.

Happydays21 Sun 01-Oct-17 22:15:46

I would say there is a huge difference in styles between Watsons, Fettes and Steiner.

schoolsearch79 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:21:34

I did been to open day at St George for Girls, but the time was really short to look at all the classes and the sport activities.
I am looking for a school which is good academically but also give equal importance to sports and other activities.
I know ESMS has their own sports centre with cricket pitches and own swimming pool along with indoor activities unlike St george for Girls which has hockey, and other indoor activities but it has no own pool and cricket and football pitches.

We were told by GH that their is no place for Nursery and they have put in waiting list for 2019/2020. Same with GW.
only ESMS and St george for girls have confirmed they have places for both my daughters for August 2018 intake.
Now again I am in dilemma as which school to choose over other for both academically and sports.
Thinking is it good to send both my daughters to different schools OR same school.
I really want to make a good decision before accepting a place in the school (ESMS OR ST George for Girls) .
I want my girls to be in St George for Girls and my husband wants them in different school(as it would be easy later if we want to switch them to either of schools if needed as priority given to siblings).
My husband likes ESMS as it has good sports centre for girls but I prefer ST George has its known academically good and also give importance to sports but have see that they have more indoor activities and hockey pitch unlike ESMS which has Cricket, football , indoor sports and own swimming pool and athletics tracks.

starving Thu 12-Oct-17 22:28:01

The SCIS disagrees with you and the exam results from this year suggest that Mary Erskine has better exam results that STG for this year. You can check it out here

schoolsearch79 Sun 19-Nov-17 11:44:02

Hi, My DD1 has been offered places in GH and ESMS for August 2018 Pre school intake and my little DD2 has been assured places in above schools for August 2020(GH), August 2019(ESMS) intake.
Now am bit undecided which schools to opt for from academically and from sports view which would be the best for my kids.
I sincerely hope that parents looking at this thread and having their children's OR if someone know if any children's in these school what their experience and how they feel from academically point of view and how encouraged they will be for sports too.

TeaZoe4 Tue 20-Feb-18 10:20:37

Dear all, I am a Canadian mother moving to Edinburgh this summer and wondering about your thoughts on the following 3 schools:
Boroughmuir High School, James Gillespie's High School and Firhill high. I would be very grateful for any advice or thoughts you have on them. My daughter is 16 and extremely artistic, an average student and very sociable.
Thank you for your thoughts!

auchinlay Tue 20-Feb-18 12:39:38

I would start a new thread as these aren't independent schools and this is an old thread. These 3 schools all have a good reputation but my children are younger so no experience yet...

Starryskiesinthesky Tue 20-Feb-18 21:16:45

Boroughmuir and Gillespies are both really well regarded schools and Firrhill isn't too far behind. It has a more mixed catchment area.

As far as i know none are any better artistically or socially.

KingLooieCatz Fri 23-Feb-18 16:23:40


If you haven't already, try starting a thread on Mumsnet Local for Edinburgh, also have a look back over old threads as there is loads of schools chat.

Just as the pp said, B'muir and Gillespie's well regarded, Firhill less so. Whether opinions on Firrhill are fair and if so, why, is hotly debated. You will probably find property cheaper in the Firhill catchment area.

Scottishmumof4 Sun 15-Apr-18 01:22:29

EA doing very well for my DD. Moves her there from ESMS and haven’t looked back.

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