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Homework year 2

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dantdmistedious Mon 25-Sep-17 18:36:42

How much do yours get?

Since going back in September we are getting 15 spellings a week, 3 mental maths sheets a night, handwriting practice each night and a writing exercise each night. More at the weekends.

Plus reading every day.

Is this excessive? It's a battle. I don't want it to be a battle. Dts are late august birthday and were actually do in the October so they are effectively a year up on where they should be. Dh wants to complain and I don't know what to do!

Any advice?

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Lindy2 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:43:24

Sounds like a lot to me. My year 2 gets
- 10 spellings a week
- Reading ideally at least 5 times a week
- A weekly maths exercise (about 10 mins worth as she is quick at maths)
- A weekly writing exercise (about 15 - 20 mins)
The maths and writing are set on Thursdays and are to be handed in on Tuesdays.

SaturnUranus Mon 25-Sep-17 18:44:40

That sounds excessive to me.

DD has just started Yr 2.

She has a reading book each night. We've been told that there will be spellings and times tables once a week, but this hasn't started yet. They've had one topic-related homework, eg draw a picture or write about the topic. They had a couple of weeks in which to complete it.

user789653241 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:49:40

Ds is in yr5, but we are getting similar amount since yr1.

-reading 20 minutes daily
-10 spelling a week
-Online comprehension
-online Maths
-worksheet 1-2 once a week
-some project sometimes

Only difference is it's compulsory in KS2, but not in KS1.
3 maths worksheets and handwriting every night seems excessive for yr2 to me.

suitcaseofdreams Mon 25-Sep-17 18:52:39

7 spellings a week - given out Monday, tested Friday
Reading every night - we don't actually do this though, we manage 3-4 nights usually but both mine (twins but March born so average for the year) are strong readers so I'm not too bothered
One maths worksheet given Weds, returned Monday (so far has been very easy and taken less than 5 mins for the one who is strong in maths and 10-15 mins for the other one)
Rumour has it there is also a piece of 'project work' per half term but not seen anything sent home on this yet

I would say yes, yours is excessive. I would decide what you are happy with and then simply inform the teacher that's what you will be doing :-)
No point at all doing it if it's becoming a battleground and turning them off learning....

dantdmistedious Mon 25-Sep-17 19:16:54

Thanks all. Will talk to the teacher. I don't want them to get held back because of not doing bloody homework. They were both in the support group last year and they've done really well to catch up.

There's a new temporary head who seems to be cracking down in all sorts of stuff - the handwriting is a particular thing and she's stopped playtime before school. Once the gates open they are straight into 'extra learning' even though there's 15 mins before school officially starts.

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gnoomi Mon 25-Sep-17 19:26:18

It really does sound loads. We do 5-10 mins reading a night and then a maths challenge (10 mins) every few weeks. Ofsted outstanding with excellent SATS. Spellings are embedded in writing generally (10 emphasis words a term).

bellabelly Mon 25-Sep-17 19:32:52

Blimey, that sounds a lot! My year 2 twins get 10 spellings a week, have maths or English homework once a week and have to read minimum 4x per week (though school encourages daily). Not sure we could cope with the amount you're describing!

confusednorthner Mon 25-Sep-17 19:40:11

That's loads, our year 2's get 10 spellings, nightly reading and later in year some times tables or maths but only once a week.

Muddlingalongalone Mon 25-Sep-17 19:46:32

10 spellings per week
Reading as much as possible
1 maths worksheet Friday for Weds (taken about 5 mins so far per weekend)
1 other topic Friday for weds wk 1 15 mins, week 2 about 45 but with much faffing.
Tbh - I'm sure there will be weeks where we don't do the homework and I'm not going to get upset about it. Dd does breakfast and after school club and will benefit more from running round and climbing trees and collecting leaves/conkers/pine cones than doing a twinkl sheet!!
Are you outside England? Didn't know you could be held back??

TeenTimesTwo Mon 25-Sep-17 19:52:35

Your y2s get more than my y8!

Flatwhite31 Mon 25-Sep-17 19:59:54

I'm a primary teacher (Y5) and that is far too much. YANBU!

dantdmistedious Mon 25-Sep-17 20:04:05

I've got home tonight and they had 4 maths sheets! Dh is a (secondary) teacher - he thinks it's madness and that they're dishing out the sheets as they're not getting covered in school.

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user789653241 Mon 25-Sep-17 20:25:47

Is this a state school?

dantdmistedious Mon 25-Sep-17 20:44:14

Yep it's a normal state school

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Flatwhite31 Mon 25-Sep-17 20:51:48

That's ridiculous @dantdmistedious! I wouldn't dream of giving my class that much homework, and they are in Year 5. I would speak to the teacher about it asap.

refusetobeasheep Mon 25-Sep-17 20:57:57

Agree s too much. Dd gets reading 5 nights a week (to spend max 15 mins on it), 12 weekly spellings, one maths worksheet and one talk homework.

Herechickychicky Mon 25-Sep-17 20:59:51

WAY too much.
Say no. They're only little once. Prioritise the one or two things that will benefit them most and send a note in saying that's all you're prepared to make them do.

Wigeon Mon 25-Sep-17 21:00:02

Woah, that's loads. My Y2 gets:

A small number of spellings (5? 7?) a week

Reading books which you are encouraged to listen to them read

One homework task a week - you are given 6 at the start of half term and you can choose which order you do them in. Things like "make / paint/ draw/ collage a picture of xx thing to do with our topic" or "write out a food chain" or "find out about xx thing to do with our topic and write some facts about what you found".

RatOnnaStick Mon 25-Sep-17 21:07:53

DS1 has had 2 online maths tasks and a writing task this week. No spellings have been mentioned as yet. Reading every day as usual. He's a bright boy and understands it all but it's taking us the whole week from saturday morning to thursday due date to get it done, a bit every day.

I'm not overly impressed.

wendz86 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:10:43

That does seem a lot. My daughter gets 6 spellings a week, meant to read every day and get to choose one task from a grid - eg write a story, make a house, make a poster . I work 4 days a week and we aren't at home till 6.30 so no way would we be able to do homework every day, getting her to read is enough of a mission.

Grumpbum Mon 25-Sep-17 21:13:00

10 spellings
18 mini maths games over 5 nights
Reading books -as many as they want a week (accelerator reader program)
Recorder practice
Writing practice- putting the spellings into sentences

Anotheroneishere Tue 26-Sep-17 05:51:09

That's crazy. Why aren't they doing that math in school rather than at home?

And I thought our school had a lot of homework!

My year 2 gets 8 spelling words per week plus daily reading. There's some optional math game-like stuff that I ignore.

Ginmummy1 Tue 26-Sep-17 12:27:04

My Y2 gets (weekly):
10x spellings
Write 10 sentences using each of the words
Single maths worksheet
2x reading books

The maximum I'd consider fair for a Y2 would be 30 minutes per night, plus reading. I'd suggest you stop after 30 minutes (or less than that, if you feel 30 mins is too much), and explain to the teacher why.

Ginmummy1 Tue 26-Sep-17 12:28:07

I mean one sentence for each word, ie 10 sentences in total - not 100!

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