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Singapore Maths

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waitingforwombat Tue 19-Sep-17 12:50:00

DD's (reception) school starting using "maths no problem" - a Singapore maths programme. I've had a look online and lots of good reviews, but difficult to find any balance through the sales pitch! Is this universally agreed to be a good approach, or are there any potential pitfalls? (Don't worry, not planning to go in complaining, just want to make sure I can support Dd appropriately, as completely different to how I was taught maths!). Is there anything I need to particularly look out for?

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mavisly Tue 19-Sep-17 13:08:15

The school my children go to use it - I went to a talk on it and my thought are as follows

It seem in summary to expect the entire to all reach required standards at mathmatics and apparently this is the key so in Asia people are expected to reach the standard so everyone reaches the standard and then they move on - so there isn't this inherent thing of thinking - "x is good at maths and y is good at art" rather everyone can be competent in maths.

To be honest the teacher was inspiring and competent so I just sat there thankful my child was getting exposed to this wonderful teacher and so that is what I remember - he also showed a YouTube video which was a good summary:

Also my child got top marks of greater depth for year 1 sats - and I don't recall doing that much maths at home.

I think it is encouraging if the school is looking at different ways of teaching.

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