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Net Capacity Figures for Y3 appeal - help needed

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Masonj377 Tue 19-Sep-17 12:46:16


I have been sent a Net Capacity Assessment from the FOI dept at lcal council. It has been created from a spreadsheet from DfEs.

Im confused by the figures and wondered if anyone might be able to help me please.
Not sure if it is relevant but have listed the class sizes too

R 60 children / Y1 60 / Y2 60 / Y3 60 - applying for this year group
Y4 59 / Y5 62 / Y6 62.

Non net area m2 147
Net area m2 1412
General 39
Specialist 2

Basic Workspaces 598
Resource Workspaces 181
Capacity based on classbases 419
Basic workplace allowance 75
Maximum workspaces available 419
Minimum workplaces available 367
Capacity based on planned admission number 420
Indicated admission nmber 59 (PAN is 60)

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admission Tue 19-Sep-17 17:18:17

OK so the first part of the info is the current school numbers in each year group, so 60 in year 3, 62 in year 5 etc
The next few lines are a summary of the available floor area in the total school of which the important bit is the net area of 1412, as this is the figure that the LA have used to start to consider how many pupils can be accommodated in the school. When they then applied their various factors(and I do not know what these are) they come up with the maximum workspace available of 419, in other words in theory they can accommodate 419 pupils. This figure is called the net capacity.
The school / LA is allowed to decide how many pupils they want to admit at any figure between the maximum workspace available of 419 or the minimum of 367, which is 10% less than the maximum. In this particular case the decision has been made to use the maximum figure, which they divide by 7 (as 7 year groups) to get the indicative figure for the PAN for the school. For some reason when the figure is 59.85 they have called it 59 rather than 60. In every case the school will always round the indicative figure to something that is sensible. In this case they have gone for the obvious which is 60 as the PAN.
From your point of view this is slightly disappointing because the figures are saying that on average the classrooms are on the smaller side as they are using the maximum net capacity figure for the PAN calculation.
Having said that, as important is the configuration of the room because a room which has a slight L shape to it at 65sq metres is likely to be far less appropriate as a classroom than a room that is 8 metres by 8 metres square.

Masonj377 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:05:28


Thank you so much for explaining this to me it makes so much more sense now xx

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