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End of pre-school days..DD starting Reception this Friday

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DavetheCat2001 Tue 12-Sep-17 13:05:53 youngest starts Reception this Friday. We had her home visit yesterday. Uniform is bought and ready, and up until this week I've been feeling very blasé about it all.

However today I am suddenly feeling so very sad that my days as a pre-school mum are over. I was working part time up until redundancy struck last August, and haven't worked since then, justifying it to myself that I could enjoy my DD's last year at home.

My son has just gone into year 2, so both will be at school from this Friday.

All those baby days/walks in the park/toddler groups/softplay/coffee's with other mums etc...done.

Ironic really as I often thought 'when they're both at school life will be so much more peaceful', but now it's here my stomach feels all funny about it and I want to cry.

Worth noting that my mental health isn't in the best shape at the moment, so this probably isn't helping. Plus I feel that sticking my head in the sand re working has to come to an end now as I will have time on my hands. The thought of finding a job again is terrifying.

Don't know what I want from writing this, and sorry it's a ramble. Maybe just a hand hold that it's ok to be sad that the baby/toddler/preschool days are done now (even though they have driven me insane at times!)


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BrawneLamia Fri 15-Sep-17 21:43:40

How did it go? My dd started on Thursday. It's a funny feeling even though I also have a toddler so I will still be going to baby groups for some time.

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