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Help moving to Guernsey!

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Lullabelle79 Mon 11-Sep-17 07:01:15

Hi all

I'm really new to this. We are considering a move to Guernsey for my husband's job. Got a five year licence which may be extended to eight if he gets promoted. My son is five and just started year one. Any thoughts on good primary schools and where we should rent on Guernsey? We want to make friends and really settlesmile thanks for any advice from any Guernsey people or expats!!

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Witchend Tue 12-Sep-17 13:43:09

I think (from friends out there) it's very catchment based there. So you will go, except in exceptional circumstances, to the school depending on where you're living. I know noting about primary schools though, and the only thing I know about secondary is that there were 4 schools, one of which is grammar.

Lullabelle79 Tue 12-Sep-17 16:53:36

Ah thanks for the info. Think we are going to have to go out for a couple of days to look into things, one of which being the schools. Do your friends like the island? Being nosey are they Guernsey born or ex pats? If they are from the mainland, have they settled and made friends? smile

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GU24Mum Tue 12-Sep-17 17:34:59

My sister moved there a few years ago and likes it. Her OH kept trying to persuade us to move but it's not for us at all - I think I'd find it too small etc etc - she doesn't have children so is more able to jet off places than we'd be. Think it's a calm pace of life so probably lovely for younger children - not so sure about older teenagers but you're a way off that stage!

Lullabelle79 Tue 12-Sep-17 17:54:31

It's good to know your sister likes it there. It's a big change for us. If you don't mind me asking which parish does she live in? I've heard the south of the island is more expensive and people say avoid the Vale. Then again others say the northern areas are just as nice as don't be biased...

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Sewingmad Wed 13-Sep-17 09:29:36

Hi Lullabelle79
I live in Guernsey with school aged children, and have done for 20+ years I'm happy to private message you to discuss, meet up when you come over .
Ps I'm not sure how to private message on mums net, so if anyone else can explain how to I'll be in touch
It's a beautiful and very safe island to live on xx

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