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Wokingham Primary Schools!

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Unicorn231 Wed 06-Sep-17 10:37:58

Hello! We are moving to Wokingham... DD will be starting in year 3 and we have been told that there are school places in All Saints school, Emmbrook and Keep Hatch, though this changes constantly so we need to put our first choice in asap. I have researched them all but was wondering if anyone here has any actual experience with any of them as a quick visit and Ofsted reports can only tell you so much. I've also read that All Saints school has changed a lot from a school you wouldn't particularly want your DC to attend, to a really good one? Does anyone have any DCs that attend any of these schools and have any info (good or bad!)
I'm so worried about moving her so far I really want to get the school right so she can settle as quickly as possible! Thanks so much!

wokcommuter Wed 04-Oct-17 23:17:04


I'm not sure if you received a response to your query in the end?
Emmbrook is in the west of Wokingham and Keep Hatch is in the east of Wokingham. Crossing Wokingham in rush hour is a nightmare at the moment as the whole town is dug up for renovation so I would choose the school which corresponds to the side of Wokingham where you are going to live. Wescott, Walter and St Teresa's are considered the best schools if you can get in. St Teresa's is a Catholic school so practising Catholics get priority. All Saints did not have a very good reputation a few year's back but I've heard that it has improved recently. Sorry for the late response but I hope that I've at least been of some helpsmile

Unicorn231 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:41:04

Thank you so much for your reply! I have definitely noticed the amount of road works/closures and will take that into consideration too. Thanks again!

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