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Goodwyns in Dorking - how bad is it?

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isittooearlytoputthekidstobed Sun 13-Aug-17 20:53:55

We've just moved to Dorking and I'm going to try and get my kids into St Paul's but I don't fancy my chances so late in the day, so what is St John's like? I see it was failing and looks to have been turned around by a new headmaster. My main concern is the local area - (please don't shoot me!) - it looks to be on the edge of a rough estate (Goodwyns). How bad is the estate? The facilities look really good!??? Swimming pool, farm, allotments etc. Any feedback very much appreciated.

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JennyBlueWren Thu 17-Aug-17 12:37:45

I don't know the school/area you are asking about but I did once work in a school being "turned around" in a difficult area and found that the school was able to access a lot of opportunities as organisations wanted to support a "deprived area" and we often got visitors/trips for free (or heavily subsidised as a result).

Also the teachers working there had stayed through the tough times or knowingly joined a school in a tough area and were incredibly committed.

That said the school did suffer from vandalism and there were some children there from very challenging backgrounds but on the whole I found the parents more supportive of the school compared to other schools I have worked in. I only left the school to reduce my commute but wish I could still work there.

I would recommend visiting and seeing for yourself how you feel about the school.

Gannicusthemannicus Sun 27-Aug-17 17:27:43

I grew up in Dorking and still live there - was at St Paul's Primary about 12 years ago! St Paul's school is very very rigid and regimented so it might actually be a blessing to not get in there.
From what I've heard about St John's, it was really bad a couple of years ago but the new head might help. I think they are covering two schools as head though, so that would be a possible worry.

Goodwyns is very grim (for Surrey at least!). I haven't visited there myself, but general feeling is if there is trouble in Dorking, its Goodwyns. Sorry!

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