Can't decide - Teddington or East Sheen ?

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Lottothink Mon 07-Aug-17 14:55:46

Hi Mumsnet

We loved Teddington and getting ready to make a move but started to consider again whether we should try East Sheen for a great state school (Sheen Mount) and be nearer to London for better commute arguably.

What do you think? If we go to Teddington we consider prep primary (not yet visited but we are keen on co-ed Newland House to start from kindergarten) but what about Collis or CoE schools ? are those schools actually as good as Sheen Mount? The latter seems to be very exceptional with a lot of care and a nurturing environment plus it seems that most pupils carry on with private secondaries which is where our heart is right now. it is said to be "prep"state school.

for private secondaries down the road; Teddington will have Hampton for boys and some other options for girls (we have a son). Whereas if we are in East Sheen we would be near to many other private secondary such as Ibstock Place, Latymer and some more single sex schools.

Any views, experience about these two areas would really help.


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Greenleave Wed 09-Aug-17 12:48:51

We live in East Sheen and love it, we wont move. Travel to the city is "ok"(except the current work happening in Waterloo). I heard many great thing about Teddington too, its much farther away though(East Sheen is Zone 3, save money on travelling). Sheen Mount is great, you have to live very near to it to have a place though. There are many choices for private secondary too where public transport is easy(Hammersmith area or Barnes, Wimbledon, Putney). Many of Sheen Mount children go to Hampton and LeH and Kingston grammar as they can be reached via public transport(LeH has school bus).

Lottothink Wed 09-Aug-17 13:13:41

Thank you for responding. I also had a very good respond via PM that I have been throwing some questions at smile we love Teddington and we are leabign towards prep schools though now thinking that we would only have one private option Hampton whereas Eas Sheen seem to be more accessible by other schools too like you said but maybe we should follow our heart and move again come secondary smile

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Lottothink Wed 09-Aug-17 13:14:17

one question - if we live in East Sheen do you think Kew Prep would be accessible. some say you can drive but what about traffic?

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Greenleave Wed 09-Aug-17 13:21:04

Couple of my daughter classmate moved to Kew prep last year and yes, its easy.

Lottothink Wed 09-Aug-17 14:12:23

what do you mean easy ? how do they do it? do they drive and how long does it take? we are both communiting to the city. trying figure out whether it is feasable to drive and back ( since we cant leave the car in kew gardens for.commute) for mortlake station . or is there a bus ? otherwise, we might need help for drop off and pick up .

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Greenleave Wed 09-Aug-17 19:07:38

Both mums are working part time and have parents near by so I dont think picking up and dropping are an issue. If you aim for Kew prep and needs to travel to city daily then Kew might be more convenient, you might have bigger garden with the same money compare to East Sheen.


Lottothink Wed 09-Aug-17 22:13:05

Kew is pretty but right under the flight path . every 3 min . we heard even though it is near east sheen is better. is that not true?

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Lottothink Wed 09-Aug-17 22:13:32

we liked kew college and unicorn a lot!

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jtwins123 Wed 14-Mar-18 19:41:54

I am also considering sheen mount, would you mind sharing the info you were sent? I have inside knowledge of one of the other prep schools mentioned in this thread so happy to share that via pm!

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