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Moving House Conundrum

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NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 09:18:29

(Cross-posted in Local forum)

Hello All!

I'll try to make a long story short. Here is the rundown:
- DH, myself and DS (4) are Americans, students here and living in Crouch End for about a year
-Applied for DS reception late in March being unfamiliar with the school system here.
-Accepted offer from St. Mary's CE in Hornsey in April
-Got call from Coleridge about a month ago with offer after being on the waitlist. Accepted the offer.
-Were notified of a flat by our estate agent yesterday that was perfect (2 beds and a private garden on a quiet street for 1200 pcm). Put a deposit down for move-in September 1st.
-New flat is 2 miles from Coleridge :-(

All that being said, I'm conflicted about the distance. I know Coleridge is rated "Outstanding" but is it worth the drive/bus run every day? Is it too late to switch to a closer school since we don't move in til September 1st?

Advice sincerely appreciated.

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TeenAndTween Sat 05-Aug-17 12:14:05

You can apply for any school you fancy. If they have a space at this time, they will have to give it to you, and otherwise you can go on a waiting list. However you have to apply from your current residence. You might be lucky, but I don't know your area or schools.

If you are on a waiting list and then move house, inform them of your new address and your position on the waiting list might change.

However, you can't now look around other schools until Sept anyway, and you really shouldn't judge a school just on its Ofsted.

In your position (not knowing anything about your area or schools), I'd move & see how the commute to school goes. In parallel go and visit closer schools in Sept and see if you think any are better and, if so, apply for them. If you get offered a place you can make your final decision then. It won't hurt your DC to move schools once during infants, just don't keep chopping and changing.

TeenAndTween Sat 05-Aug-17 12:16:56

Also, being American, you may have quite different views as to what you want from a school than Ofsted has.

Heratnumber7 Sat 05-Aug-17 12:17:22

"DH, DS and I are Americans".

As in "I am an American", not " Myself is an American".


KTD27 Sat 05-Aug-17 12:20:13

Which schools are you closer to now OP? I'm a teacher and used to live in the area so know a little about them

TeenAndTween Sat 05-Aug-17 12:23:06

Heart Not very helpful really wrt the question posted though.

NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 12:49:00

Thanks for the input thus far. I'm pretty laid back as far as school is concerned. I grew up in a rural area of Oregon State and there was only one state school option. I'm more concerned about maintaining stability for DS.

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NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 12:56:56

Looks like the closest primary schools are Hollickwood, Coppetts Wood, Rhodes Ave, and Coldfall Primary.

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KTD27 Sat 05-Aug-17 18:36:48

You've got some excellent schools there OP and I'm assuming closer to the muswell hill area.

Coldfall is pretty highly regarded and outstanding (I think) on their last inspection though honestly I wouldn't ever put too much stock in that as things can change from year to year as staff turnover. It's big. 600 and some kids.
Rhodes avenue the same - really academic well regarded in the area and outstanding again. Another pretty big school I think.
Hollickwood is smaller - about 200 or so children. They received a notice to improve in their last inspection but have a new head teacher and things are changing - as they tend to when schools go through this. I wouldn't let this out me off unnecessarily I have worked in 'failing' schools and loved it and would happily send my little boy to one if I felt it was the right fit for him. It is something to consider I guess - perhaps a local parent might have a better take on things.
Coppets wood another outstanding school but a long time since their last inspection which means precisely nothing. Things could have changed or become even better. They are a one form entry school so again a little smaller.

Honestly I'm sure you will find yourself a great school you're very lucky in your catchment area. Perhaps see which you get into and go look around when the children go back to check you are happy your Dc will fit in. That's the most important thing really - that they're happy.

NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 18:58:29

Thanks for the insight! My concern is that he is due to start at Coleridge the first or second week of September (staggered start). Are we allowed to apply for a switch once school has started if we realize the trek back and forth is too much? This is all so new to me. In the States kids don't typically start full time school until 5 or 6 (kindergarten) so I was thinking we'd have another yet of nursery before having to make the big decision!

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RitaConnors Sat 05-Aug-17 19:03:23

I wouldn't send him to the school you have a place at until I had spoken to the other schools in September to see if they had a place. If they do, then apply for the place. Your son won't know that school has started and it will do him no harm to start a bit later than the other children.

You can apply after he has started too if you like.

When is he five?

NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 20:07:49

He will be 5 in March. Just talked with DH and we agreed to do as suggested and contact those schools on Monday to see about availability. Does it matter that those schools are in Barnet and Haringey? The postcode puts us just barely in Barnet.

Thanks again!

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RitaConnors Sat 05-Aug-17 21:33:40

No you can apply to any school as long as you can get him there. Children don't legally have to go to school until the term after they are five so that gives you a bit of wriggle room as you don't have to send him to any school at all in September if you think that's the best thing to do.

There won't be anyone at the schools at the moment but you might get somewhere with admissions at the local authority the school is in. The number will be on the website. I did an in year admission when we moved to the UK and the admission department wouldn't tell us if schools had a space and told me I had to contact each school.

There is often movement at the beginning of September anyway so even if there isn't a space one might come up in a couple of weeks.

llhj Sun 06-Aug-17 10:15:06

Nasty and unnecessary.

RandomHouseRules Sun 06-Aug-17 21:26:13

Call the school's you are interested in now. Most school offices will be open over the summer. You may be able to go and look.

NorthLondonAmerican Sun 06-Aug-17 21:43:34

Thanks for everything. I'm quite relieved about the issue now.

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