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Magnetic phonic letters/sounds

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blamethecat Wed 26-Jul-17 21:18:05

Ds will be starting school in Sept, the school uses read write inc, I am thinking about getting some magnets for home is there a difference between the different 'types of systems or will any phonic letters do the job?

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mrz Wed 26-Jul-17 21:25:56

If you're buying magnetic letters make sure there are upper and lower case letters. For phonics you need joined digraphs (th, sh, ch, ai, ee, etc.) rather than single letters.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Wed 26-Jul-17 22:17:26

I'd get the read write inc packs of cards tbh instead to make words from the digraphs and phonemes.

mrz Wed 26-Jul-17 22:25:35

If you don't want magnets just buy post it notes and write the sounds on them to build words.

I recommend the Sounds Write app if you have an I pad or the new on line course for parents

user789653241 Thu 27-Jul-17 06:49:18

Mrz's magnetic letters looks very good with joined letters. I didn't know they existed.
I simply bought huge quantities of magnetic letters from charity shop and ds used it to make words and sentences on the white board.

mrz Thu 27-Jul-17 07:25:05

It really helps if the child learns that some sounds are spelt using one, two, three or even four letters from the start. That way you avoid them sounding out each letter (making it impossible to hear the word) rather than saying each sound.

Personally I think post it notes or even scraps of paper work just as well.

user789653241 Thu 27-Jul-17 07:37:01

Yes, I can definitely see the benefit of making up different words using those.

jamdonut Thu 27-Jul-17 20:06:48

This is the Speed sounds chart we use during Read,Write , Inc lessons.
The top line of each section is the sound that all the sounds below make. It looks like some are repeated, but they are different eg OW - brown cow and OW - blow the snow.

The vowels are said as ah, eh, ih, oh, uh

Hope this helps

blamethecat Thu 27-Jul-17 21:36:03

Thank you for the replies. I have a book with (I think) flash cards on order and some magnets too. This will all be used very lightly as i have no plans to hot house him ! The chart looks similar to the magnets I ordered jam and thanks for explaining the pronunciation. I don't remember anything like this from school ! I do remember letter land though.

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mrz Fri 28-Jul-17 05:59:31

A video of how to pronounce the sounds

The important thing is to say the sound precisely so not buh or cuh or duh but /b/ /k//d/ and /a/ /e/ /o/ not ah, eh, oh.

Personally I'd recommend starting with aural blending and segmenting words before introducing letter symbols ...can he hear the word if you say the sounds and can he say the sounds if you say the word? It's important not to teach the sounds in isolation and to teach blending (for reading) and segmenting (for spelling ) alongside.

ElBandito Fri 28-Jul-17 23:56:08

Aural blending you can do anywhere, even in the queue for the b u s.

blamethecat Sat 29-Jul-17 07:43:45

What sound does the oo with eyes make ?

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IceLollyInThePaddlingPool Sat 29-Jul-17 07:47:50

Not an expert but maybe the oo in book, look?

user789653241 Sat 29-Jul-17 08:11:47

My ds used to have phonics poster from library, hanged up on the wall. He figured it out by looking at it regularly. (I didn't have a clue what it was, until he started school, I am a foreinger.)
I think it had picture of "oo" with eyes, for word look, and picture of a book.

mrz Sat 29-Jul-17 08:12:13

More helpful to have words containing the sounds IMHO

user789653241 Sat 29-Jul-17 08:15:12

My ds had similar, but with more pictures for each sound. For young children, it is more enjoyable to look at the poster with lots of pictures rather than lots of words!

mrz Sat 29-Jul-17 08:40:49

For some children the pictures are distracting and cause confusion. Is that a horse or a pony (mare, colt, stallion etc) is that a girl or a child or is it young or something she's wearing or doing? And of course some words are just impossible to illustrate with a single image. It's why we moved from pictographs to writing.

user789653241 Sat 29-Jul-17 09:53:46

I think it depend on the purpose and the age of the children.
My hyperlexic ds certainly may have shown interest in the pictureless poster at age 2, but I don't think a lot of pre-school children show interest in the poster without picture, long enough to learn and figure out code by their own will!

mrz Sat 29-Jul-17 12:09:08

They aren't intended for children to take an interest in. They are a tool to help with encoding and decoding (and inform parents who may not feel confident). I confess I dislike those colourful alphabet charts immensely!

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sun 30-Jul-17 16:12:44

I'm not sure pre school children need to be looking at the chart for a long time unless they are already showing some sort of natural curiosity about reading, irvine. And those children that are ready will be fine without the pictures.

user789653241 Sun 30-Jul-17 17:49:29

Ha ha, Rafa. Yes, that's true. And "long" was wrong choice of words.
My ds had no input from me re: phonics. Yet he figured out some how to decode. I just assumed it was mixture of looking at the poster often, and lots of books at home, etc.
He learned all the times tables, world map, names of the planet, dinosaur etc., same way from poster, just looking at it. But he was younger at the time, so maybe don't need pictures if they are older.

Justnowthisone Sun 30-Jul-17 18:06:35

Hi Irvine can you suggest some nice posters for interest please?

Likewise where can we get the Read Write Inc stuff?

Our DS who's only 21 months is obsessed with letters. Like 1.2 m at the pool he will should "mmmm" and go to it and look beaming at it, O in Orange Squash on a bottle at a market he goes Awe at it - so we've put up some letters and words on his stuff around the house like F and I drew a fish and stuck on the fishtail and T and W (small one) over the tap from where water flows - he really enjoys it and when we read stories he will ask what every. Single. Letter. Is. this means we don't often get to complete books of stories!

Justnowthisone Sun 30-Jul-17 18:17:22

Also to say of course he enjoys and throrougjly loved books and stories and turning pages - jut that right now he wants to ask us "what is this?" For every single letter! Including pub names and toilet signs!

mrz Sun 30-Jul-17 18:24:37

You don't need the pictures when they are younger either Irvine. It looks pretty but adds nothing to the actual learning. Much better to learn in the context of words (texts) than in isolation and in different positions within words (not always the initial sound)

user789653241 Sun 30-Jul-17 18:27:13

Hi, Justnow, we bought a lot of posters from library.(My ds is a collector, he wants all of it.) Also some book shops, early learning center and some 99p shop had lots of collection.
I think the key is put it up at child's eye level, so it catches their eyes all the time. And let them choose what interests them. At one point, my ds was obsessed with vitamines different veg/fruit have.grin

I think this is similar to what you are looking for, mrz has kindly shared on one of the thread.

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