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School Shoes (reception)

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LilyDisney Tue 18-Jul-17 15:22:12

Think I know which shoes I want to get for DD for September.

Was going to go first week of August as that's when the ladies in my local Clarks said was the best time. I know it's a month early, but there's only 1 pair in there I'm happy with, the rest are so heavy or hard.

Do Clark's ever do any offers on their school shoes this time of year?

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catkind Tue 18-Jul-17 15:31:43

Keep an eye on the webpages. We got startrite previous years' models last summer in their online clearance. Also has the benefit of being a style i liked more than the thin strappy mary janes or laceups which are all they do in DD's size in the shop.

I don't recall them having sales in the shops that time of year. I also wouldn't buy till later in August, or not unless you're sure they'll take returns a month later. I'm sure shops would like you to go before their busy period, but DS grew 2 sizes over august once!

CMOTDibbler Tue 18-Jul-17 15:37:27

I never go until late August. They never have the width of shoe that ds needs, so I go and get his feet measured, then order the ones he wants in the right size and width.
The only chance of an offer is by signing up to the Clarks newsletter online as sometimes you'll get a code for signing up, but always check the voucher code websites before ordering

Wolfiefan Tue 18-Jul-17 15:40:08

I wouldn't go a month before school starts. Her feet could grow! It doesn't have to be Clarks. We have had better results from John Lewis sometimes (though they also have Clarks shoes!) If your child is anything like my two then what you like is irrelevant as they may not even fit!
And no. Clarks never offer discounts on school shoes during their busiest time!

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Tue 18-Jul-17 15:43:27

Last year I went on the day after the BH in Aug but got there at opening time. It was brilliant, loads of staff & no other customers

Wolfiefan Tue 18-Jul-17 15:44:56

Remember you can book an appointment for fitting in advance at Clarks. Well worth doing!

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 18-Jul-17 15:49:24

You need to get a measurement but worth it.

Ktown Tue 18-Jul-17 15:51:32

Go to marks and Spencer's
They have massive amounts of good quality leather shoes and they are way cheaper than elsewhere
I don't get the startrite and clarks thing.

SprogletsMum Tue 18-Jul-17 15:51:50

I usually book a fitting in Clarks for a couple of days before they go back. This year they go back on the 6th so I'll probably go on the 4th.

MissRainbowBrite Tue 18-Jul-17 15:52:39

Is your heart set on Clarks? There are lots of fab independents out there which offer some lovely brands and are quite competitive with Clarks pricing. Clarks isn't the only option for school shoes.
If you are then the outlets are worth a look, Clarks have a few at the designer villages.

RedSkyAtNight Tue 18-Jul-17 15:53:50

I seem to remember they had a buy a pair of school shoes and get another pair of shoes (could be anything) half price one year. But it was the week or 2 before the summer term ended. Pretty sure no one is going to have a sale during their busiest period!

I'm pretty sure Clarks will exchange shoes if not worn outside, so no particular downside to buying in early August. My DC tend to grow out of shoes during the summer term, and I can't ever remember an instance where the shoes didn't still fit in September - of course every child's feet grows at their own rate, but I don't think it's a particular risk.

ijustwannadance Tue 18-Jul-17 15:54:03

They don't usually reduce or have offers on school shool until well after schools are back. They make £££ during August.

Get her feet measured in a few weeks and if they don't have the size you need just order online.

RedSkyAtNight Tue 18-Jul-17 15:54:41

If your DC have odd size feet (wide or narrow) I'd definitely not leave it too late as the shop runs out of stock.

Balfe Tue 18-Jul-17 15:59:23

Please remember- no laces and do label their shoes, as usually they all have the same ones and can't tell left from right!

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