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Handwriting help for 8 yr old

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christinarossetti Tue 11-Jul-17 22:57:30

My ds's is 'working towards expectations' in handwriting. I'm not surprised - he's left handed and summer born, so has found it quite arduous to learn to write. It's improved considerably this year, although it's still a massive effort for him to write neatly.

The only way I've tried to support his handwriting is by focusing on gross and fine motor skills eg writing on a slanted surface, slanting the paper, lots of monkey bar swinging, lego, Knex etc.

I think it will be useful to try to work a little in the summer to at least keep his handwriting where it is, without deteriorating through lack of use. Are there any resources available? He absolutely won't do something like 'keeping a holiday diary' but would probably be amenable to an exercise taking a couple of minutes each morning.

Should I just encourage him to write a sentence a day or something like that?

GreenTulips Tue 11-Jul-17 22:59:56

There are left handed pens for correct grip

But DD was 13 before she mastered neat writing and she liked writing - still does

mrz Wed 12-Jul-17 03:34:50

Speed Up -Lois Addey

RenaissanceBunny Wed 12-Jul-17 04:24:24

I tutor handwriting along with spelling and pronunciation to 7/8 year olds. Don't bother with the Addy book unless your child is really awful. Instead try the worksheet at I find they offer a really go range. Go back to basics with patterns and even scribbling. Get your child to think about how they are sitting and their pen hold. I'd recommend getting some triangular pencils if they have an odd pen hold from WHSmiths as these can really help. Also get some coloured pens which you use only for these writing tasks over the summer. For the worksheets pick and choose which ones to do and how much of each by 8 your child won't need to do every single exercise. I would recommend trying to build up the amount your child writes in one go. While they can maybe do one sentence neatly and quickly enough when in comes to a paragraph or more they might struggle. They need to practice endurance writing. To begin with say half an exercise book page of a simple pattern. Then alternate patterns. Then writing a sentence then two and so forth. It really doesn't matter what they write about so long as they write (one of my tutees waxed lyrical about Lego cards). Feel free to PM me if you'd like more advice.

mrz Wed 12-Jul-17 04:43:46

Check your school handwriting style matches the fonts used or it will create more difficulties. Handwriting worksheets are great for improving tracing ability but not that great for actually teaching handwriting IMHO

christinarossetti Wed 12-Jul-17 07:24:11

Thanks all. I am well versed in the school's handwriting style - they're very keen to improve handwriting in general!

I'll have a look at all those resources. His default handwriting is pretty bad. He can write neatly for short bursts but it's a real effort. Maybe building stamina is key.

goingmadinthecountry Wed 12-Jul-17 07:33:05

Lots of fun ideas for building up resilience here. Lots of strength overlaps with Lois Addy's Speed Up. Does he form all of the letters correctly?
has information for left handers. Some children love those LH pens, sometimes they hate them. It's just a matter (as with us adults) of finding a pen to suit.

christinarossetti Wed 12-Jul-17 15:57:16

Thanks. He does form the letters correctly most of the time. Part of the problem is that the school started teaching cursive handwriting before his printing was really secure, so it's been a bit like trying to tightrope walk when you could have done with a bit more time on the balance beam tbh.

I like the left handed products though. Think I'll get him some pencils.

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