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Ta in year 5 what interventions are required?

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StrumpersPlunkett Sun 09-Jul-17 22:12:14

I have only worked in ks1.
Talking with school about a move to year 5 will it be a huge jump?
Any thoughts appreciated

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BackforGood Sun 09-Jul-17 23:16:43

Depends on the pupils you will be working with.
The oddest thing when you make the move is the size of the dc grin.
There will be some individuals that are operating, developmentally, at KS1, Foundation or P-levels, presumably if they are giving Yr5 a TA?
Best to talk with the SENCo and the Yr4 teacher who has the current cohort about the work they are currently doing, and then the Yr5 teacher you will be working with to see how (s)he likes to use any TAs in the classroom.

MrsKCastle Sun 09-Jul-17 23:19:25

Completely depends on the particular role, but they may well want to put interventions in place to prepare for SATs, targeting the children who are borderline.

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