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emchap Thu 06-Jul-17 21:29:50

Hi. Are there any people out there who are having RWI books brought home. We are looking for ideas as to how to preserve and protect the books our children are bringing home.

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MyOtherProfile Fri 07-Jul-17 06:28:41

What's RWI?

Tomorrowillbeachicken Fri 07-Jul-17 06:38:10

Read write Inc

jamdonut Fri 07-Jul-17 07:33:55

We send home the paper copies of the books for those who need them. The ' Hard copy ' books never go home!

Coconut0il Fri 07-Jul-17 18:03:49

DS1 used to bring the paper copies home. We just keep them in an old shoe box. Still got them and he's 14 now. Can't say he ever looks at them but I just can't throw them away!

Badhairday1001 Fri 07-Jul-17 18:47:14

I wouldn't send my hard copies home, we just send the paper copies.

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