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Dragonfly3 Wed 21-Jun-17 07:59:06

Does anyone have experience of Exemplar Education home tutoring? It's an online home tutoring service that follows the school curriculum. I had a visit from a representative this week and it's a big commitment (works out at almost £5K for 4 yrs of tutoring) and I thought I'd canvass a few opinions first before deciding. My daughter is struggling with Maths at school (she's 8yrs) and we do need to get her extra help, just not sure what help! Thanks.

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Emmags0309 Mon 24-Jul-17 19:23:41

Hello, Exemplar Education is a trading name of EBS Systems Ltd. I'm an accountant so I looked for their accounts on the public record; they are overdue. This might be for a valid reason but there is no way I would sign up to pay that much for a service if I had no indication of the company's financial health. Google "student support centre" (the previous trading name of this company) and you'll see more reasons not to use this company in the national press. When The Guardian and The Mail actually agree on something it must be a pretty big issue!

MiaowTheCat Tue 25-Jul-17 07:22:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1497643032 Sat 29-Jul-17 17:14:12

One the rep just left our house few hours ago and I was at first willing to sign up my 5 year old but I have now changed my mind. The whole consulting session was OK up to the point where we were told if we decide to go ahead, we have to go through finance hence credit checks and we said we won't pass credit checks and asked if there are other options and the rep said there are but we have to go through the finance credit checks first and then the pay monthly option when/if the finance option does not go through. Well, it didn't go through after divulging financial info etc as one would do when going through fianance. Well, the rep said we have to pay over £200+ upfront first before we can sign on and then monthly payments but this was later changed to £100 upfront and then I have to call tomorrow to confirm if we want to go ahead etc but then she said something that really put me off, & which I found very embarrassing & upsetting She said she's dealt/signed up a lot of families and she's hardly come across people/families that go for the pay monthly option. Well, we (partner) failed the credit check (due to some personal and unfortunate incident) and she didn't even consider if I would be willing to get the finance at all because she said I don't work. Well, the fact that I don't work officially does not mean I have no means of income or that we are 2nd class citizens- for God sake I own my own house outright yes we won't or didn't pass credit checks but that is no reason for her to say she's rarely come across people who go for the pay monthly options hence making us feel like poor poverty stricken people. Credit checks aside, we have always paid in full for everything we have never on credit or instalments.
Does anyone have any idea how this company operate? I am begining to think the reps work on a commission based on the number of signing up they do for the company and perhaps there is more gain for the rep if one signs up for the fianance option.

Mumofthreebusyasabee Wed 21-Mar-18 23:31:28


Chocolatina74 Sun 03-Jun-18 07:17:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

user789653241 Sun 03-Jun-18 07:42:54

Chocolatina74, because most of good online courses are either free or monthly contract. They won't demand 1000s of pounds over 4 year contract. Children change. You can't really predict what your child would be like in 4 years time.
I have been using same paid site over 4 years, but I can cancel anytime, and there are no penalties for canceling, just need to pay up to the day he used.


Chocolatina74 Sun 03-Jun-18 08:15:47

Well I am happy and you are happy. Each to their own I guess. Although you do say that you are using the site for over 4 years as you can see consistence in method of education is important. That’s how I feel too. I know I’m covered for the next 5 years.

user789653241 Sun 03-Jun-18 11:45:33

No, the reason we have been using over 4 years is because it's the only site goes up to yr13 following English NC. Otherwise, I would have canceled it years ago. It's only used as a testing of knowledge, nothing new is learnt there. For learning, ds uses various different free sites.

BingTheButterflySlayer Sun 03-Jun-18 13:33:51

Company sends deceptive mailshots out trying desperately to make it look like they're official school letters, addressed from "the headteacher" (which is what flagged it up as scammy as fuck to me since ours used to get really pissed off being called that and insisted on Principal) and then reminder slips for you to fill in with your child's details and phone numbers - even if you weren't interested (for them to bombard you with calls and hassling).

Scammy McScam Pants.

My kids incidentally, without Exemplar's videos, have managed to make it to their current ages without watching YouTube videos full of swearing.

greathat Sun 03-Jun-18 13:54:02

Khan academy is free

AllMYSmellySocks Sun 03-Jun-18 15:48:45

Absolutely no way in hell would I sign up to a contract of that length. No reputable agency would require that. My advice would be to find a local tutor who is recommended. Maybe try out a few and find one who the DC gets on with and go from there.

stircrazypie Mon 04-Jun-18 18:51:18

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! There are horror stories all over the internet about this company.

YWang Mon 18-Jun-18 01:54:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Itsgoodtoask Wed 07-Nov-18 20:32:40

Has anyone been able to cancel the ExemplarEducation programme??

intik Tue 27-Nov-18 23:32:41

Please let me know if anyone had successful cancellation story. I made a complaint to financial ombudsman, still waiting for outcome.

Mum20081 Mon 11-Mar-19 16:01:55

Has it been cancelled? If yes could you guide me a little bit on regards to it...
I am also stuck ..

Aleen Wed 18-Sep-19 23:17:44

Just wanted to know if you have managed to cancel your contract with Exampler?
I am in the same situation and cant cancel it. 3j Finance is keep on contacting me because i have stopped the direct debit and not paying anymore.

JoeyW1974 Tue 29-Oct-19 11:40:08

Hi, I have also complained to ExemplarEducation and 3J finance in an attempt to cancel the subscription. They have basically said “tough, you knew what you were signing’ and I am still paying £84 a month for a service I don’t use. I am about to complain to the financial service ombudsman and was wondering if anyone had managed to get out of the contract?

Aleen Thu 14-Nov-19 20:33:16

I have stop paying them block 3n finance on my phone and i am in peace now🥰

sm938 Mon 09-Mar-20 18:36:41

Hi was wondering how anyone managed to cancel it.

Theresnobslikeshowb Tue 10-Mar-20 07:43:03

I don’t but what I would suggest is that you cancel any direct debit you have (unless you’ve paid outright) and do as then pp did block their number on your phone, and send them a letter saying what you have done, as you no longer need their services (make up an excuse like you are moving abroad). If they are this bad I can’t see them taking it any further. However this may affect your credit though....

Dumebi1 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:00:17

Hi, pls how did you stop paying them? Did you cancel your direct debit with them or is there anyother way ? Also did it affect your credit score?

Dumebi1 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:04:05

Hi Intik, have you got a response from the ombudsman?

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