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Education software use in schools

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TrollMummy Tue 13-Jun-17 09:11:46

DCs primary has introduced a number of software tools this year like accelerated reader to track reading and MyMaths for maths homework. They are looking to introduce some more programs for September.

I can see the how these tools benefit teachers when setting, marking and tracking progress. I just wondered if anyone had any experience of the increased use in technology in primary and whether this is of benefit to primary school age children?

irvineoneohone Tue 13-Jun-17 10:44:36

My ds' school uses online reading programme, spelling programme and maths programme.
It seems like purely for homework purposes. So how much they use is totally up to each children, without any consequences for not doing. They get separate weekly written homework which they need to hand in on due date.
It's working for my ds. He does it when he feels like it, and gives him instant results.

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