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Teddington Primary Schools - Collis ?

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Lottothink Mon 12-Jun-17 08:41:39

Hi mums

How good is Collis School? Where can I find the leavers' destinations? any other primary school you would recommend in that area .

Planning to move to the area but we wish to get the school right. It seems that we like an area but not the schools and where we like the schools we do not want to live nearby .. it is difficult to get it right.

Private is an option so any recommendations would be good on that as well (Co-ed).

Thank you

user1485813778 Tue 20-Jun-17 17:40:21

We have had 2 children go through Collis and it's generally been good. Mostly good teachers, well run, handles its size well, lots of opportunities for children across academic and sporting activities. Like all state schools, funding is becoming an issue and the class sizes are large, but I would recommend the school. My children look back with great fondness on their days there (one left last year, one about to leave) and made strong friendships. Catchment area is quite small, so make sure you check before buying! Not sure where you find leavers destinations, but most go to Teddington (which I would not recommend, from experience so far), with some girls moving to go to Waldegrave, a couple to Greycourt, a few to Tiffin, LEH, Hampton and Kingston etc. Those who go private or to Tiffin I assume would have been tutored.

Sprinklestar Wed 21-Jun-17 17:16:11

Used to live close by. Collis is excellent, as are most of the schools in Teddington, to be honest. Catchment areas are small. My main complaint about that area is that so many of the schools are religious. Five years ago, of the ten local schools that DC1 could have potentially gone to (depending where we bought), there were only 2/10 that were not CofE or RC. I know NCT friends who had their babies christened just so that they could improve their children's chances of a reception school place. Personally I always liked Stanley but it's just got a bad Ofsted report so make of that what you will.

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