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Pre-prep for before Bute House and the process

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GoldenLizard Thu 08-Jun-17 14:28:32

I am hoping for DD to attend Bute House (but recognise how competitive it is to get in). It seems a great school and exactly the kind of education I want for DD.

I am also interested in Falker House, Glendower and Ken Prep although they all seem very hard to actually get a place.

Anyone experienced in 4/7+ admissions got advice on how many schools to apply for? I am keen for all-girls reasonably academic preps with decent sports opportunities.

What is the best way to prepare? And if we are aiming for Bute House are there any good pre-prep suggestions? (I would guess in this case FH, Glendower and KPS are not the best places as we'd probably just stay on if DD got in there)


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