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What to do after teaching...?

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Goodiegumdrops Wed 07-Jun-17 17:10:26

I have looked through some past threads regarding the above but seriously feel smothered by my job.

I truly love teaching - the actual teaching, working collaborately in a positive environment etc but feel like I am in some kind of toxic relationship with it at the moment. The head is rude and dismissive, which we have enabled. No one speaks to the them on a Monday, as we all know they don't like them so best not ask any questions or even good morning otherwise you will get an eye roll with pursed lips.

Just feels like a negative work environment and lots has changed since I returned in Jan from maternity leave. As it happens, I will be back on maternity leave in September. So could be out of sorts and hormonal....

But seriously, what jobs are out there for an a teacher? (Lots obviously!) Trained for every eventuality but nothing. Love working with children. Just want to hear what some ex teachers have done?

Thanks x

bojorojo Thu 08-Jun-17 10:45:32

Can't advise, but have you thought of moving to a different school? I can see with maternity leave it could be difficult at the moment, but there really are better Heads out there and good working environments. Your school sounds stressed.

I am sure others will more have idea but do not assume all other jobs are wonderful and stress free, they are not. Just look at social work for example! You could be a private tutor, work for a holiday club company, provide the educational input at an environmental centre or where children visit as part of the curriculum etc.

PansyGiraffe Thu 08-Jun-17 12:49:30

Your problem really sounds like your school (specifically, the head) not your actual job.

rhinorocks Thu 08-Jun-17 18:57:46

With 2 pre-schooler so your own- what about a childminder for a few years. If you work out the pay rate compared to teaching (and no childcare costs) you may well be surprised. You can also do term time only if you want- lots of demand fro childminders who don't do and so don't charge for school holidays.

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