Ardingly College and places to live

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Fidesetopera Mon 29-May-17 06:38:14

Morning all,

We're considering a move out of London to Ardingly College, West Sussex. Does anyone have any knowldge of the school?

Also, where do people tend to live? Want to be within 30 mins of school and in a busy/not too quiet place. Considering:
Lindfield/Haywards Heath
Lewes - though pricier and maybe too far.

Any help greatly appreciated! X
(Also posted on local mumsnet and Secondary ed talks, to no avail - sorry for duplicate thread...)

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PathOfLeastResitance Tue 30-May-17 17:27:02

What is it you want to know? If you have specific questions about the local area then I may be able to help. I know the college have regular open days and that there is some coming up, possibly this week. I can't remember what the sign said when I drove past.

Fidesetopera Fri 02-Jun-17 12:48:43

Thanks, I'll look that up. My husband is visiting the school next week. I wondered whether the staff/kids live close by the school or whether they travel from a distance. I need a non-countrified place to set up home, so interested in opinions on the places I listed. We've done a few reccies, but I'm sure there must be people out there with the inside track!

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Didiplanthis Fri 02-Jun-17 18:14:33

I would think lindfield and hurstpierpoint would be too quiet for you. Haywards heath has more going on and has certainly become alot less country town in the last 10 years with many more restaurants/bars but may not be busy by your standards and is reasonably close. Lewes is more of a trek i would think as is Horsham.

vdbfamily Fri 02-Jun-17 18:57:12

Haywards Heath is only 45 mins to London and 15 mins to Brighton by train. Having said that, the surrounding villages like Cuckfield/Lindfield/Scaynes Hill are all only about 5 minutes away from HH so it depends what you want really.Lindfield is a lovely village and close to Ardingly. You could walk into HH from Lindfield. It has good pubs, 3 good churches, a Co-op, excellent bakery and some really good boutiquey shops plus a lovely pond! Everyone I know who live in Lindfield love it. Haywards Heath have just got themselves a Waitrose so are really going up in the world. Anything specific you need to know? Oh and Ardingly College has a very good reputation and Ardingly itself is a perfectly nice village and pretty close to HH too. It also has Wakehurst Place and Ardingly showground so can get busy. Maybe you should come down for the South of England show and see how busy Ardingly can get!

DropZoneOne Fri 02-Jun-17 19:06:00

Hurstpierpoint and Lindfield are villages, large villages, but still villages.

Haywards Heath is on the mainline to London if that matters. I like Horsham, we sometimes go shopping there or out to dinner as it has some of the larger restaurant chains.

PathOfLeastResitance Fri 02-Jun-17 20:20:45

As with most schools the staff come from all over - some far some close and some on site. Not sure how that would impact on your school choice! If you want to be relatively near the school and not countryside-y then you may be a bit stumped. Haywards Heath is a town close by and accommodates most house types. The shops are pretty basic but covers most eventualities. As someone else mentioned, there is now a Waitrose which is apparently important to some people! It was quite the kerfuffle when it opened. Anywhere around the area will be quiet compared to London but that's what makes it what it is! What made you settle on Ardingly College? It's very much a rural setting.


Fidesetopera Sat 03-Jun-17 22:18:25

Thanks everyone. You're right, I think a small village would be too much of a stretch, but some of the larger villages sound lovely. I've only ever lived in SE and SW London, so I'm just used to people and noise. I rarely go into town for theatres, bars etc, so I don't necessarily need a buzzing place!
Need to try Lindfield/HH on foot and also do the drive from Horsham to school.
The school is where the job vacancy is and would be a great place for our kids. Secondary schools near us are either questionable or really academically selective. I love the idea of more space for kids to run and do sporty things.
Appreciate you all taking the time to help x

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badgerhead Sat 03-Jun-17 22:25:27

I know of a member of staff at Ardingly who lives in Horsham & there are also several pupils who go to the school who live in Horsham.

Tinseleverywhere Sat 03-Jun-17 22:30:25

I love Horsham. It's a very nice town. I went there today it has a great little market on Saturday. There is also a nice big new Waitrose and John Lewis.

PathOfLeastResitance Sat 03-Jun-17 23:05:00

It makes sense now you say there's a job there!

Leketica Sun 04-Jun-17 20:52:36

I'm a parent at Ardingly, ask me anything!

The school offers such a high quality of education, all the parents I know are very happy with it, though I do think some of the less mature DC struggle in the Prep department. Pre-Prep is utterly perfect, in my mind.

As for where to live, Lindfield high street is beautiful, but houses on the high street only come up once in a lifetime. Lots of people live in the Haywards Heath suburbs / Lindfield area though.

Perhaps ask me some specifics?

Leketica Sun 04-Jun-17 20:57:47

I just saw you were asking where children tend to live. It's a fairly wide geographical area, at Pre-Prep & Prep age probably 45mins radius from the school? At Senior age, 50% board so they're from all over. There is now a mini bus route to London weekly too.

School bus routes:

childmaintenanceserviceinquiry Sun 04-Jun-17 21:04:27

LIke with all schools it really depends on what would suit your children. I have a very good friend with 2 children there. Both are musical, sporty and bright. The school seems astonishing in what it offers for the music opportunities and sport. Although Ardingly is not considered to be as academic as some of the local independent schools it has most certainly done well for her 2. So I would think about your childrens strengths and weaknesses and ask how the school would support those. The school does Common Entrance for senior school and I cant remember what was required for prep.

Leketica Sun 04-Jun-17 21:28:02


For Prep entry there are some low key tests. For Senior entry the CE is required at 55%.

I think the school caters marvellously well for academic children, and there are a large number of very academic children there.

Everything about the school is designed to get the most from a child and to encourage the child to offer the most. It's not really the right school for a child who wants to do the bare minimum, it is a school for children who will put in extra work and participate fully in school life, yet it is absolutely not a hot-house and it is this combined with the slightly unconventional child-led learning and the global outlook which attracts many people to the school.

Fidesetopera Mon 05-Jun-17 18:09:29

I've heard such positive things about the school - it's so refreshing. My two kids are very sporty and around the middle academically.
Just need to get the job now and then can embark on this delightful sounding life! If so, I'll get back in touch for more specifics. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed x

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Leketica Mon 05-Jun-17 20:52:38

Sounds like it would suit them perfectly, the quality and quantity of sports on offer is superb.

Good luck with the job and PM me if you do get it and want more details.

user1499426357 Fri 07-Jul-17 12:28:49

Hi All,

We are also considering a move from North London to West Sussex. We have visited both Ardingly College and Hurst College, we were very impressed by both and feel both are a great fit for our 8yr old DS. Would love to hear from parents with children at both schools to help make a decision.

Look forward to hearing from you.

ebowe Mon 10-Jul-17 17:37:43

I hope this shows how good we regard this school :

My son just passed Common Entrance with A to A* average, was accepted at Tonbridge, yet we decided that he would gain a far better, all round, coeducational experience, with amazing sport, at Ardingly College.

Visited several open days and was honestly blown away by the engaging and interested teachers.


Findanotherpassword1 Thu 29-Nov-18 11:17:36

Hello, I'm sorry, I've hi-jacked an old thread, but my daughter has been offered a place at Ardingly at 6th form and you said your kids went there = love to know what you thought about it. I have a Quite shy, quite academic not sporty daughter.

CompletelyConfusedMummy Thu 02-Jan-20 13:57:02

Hi Findanotherpassword1. I realise that this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you accepted the place at Ardingly and how your daughter is finding it? My daughter will be doing her sixth form next year and it’s one of the schools I’m considering. Thank you so much!

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