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Newton Prep School or Prospect House School

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PatiMum Sun 28-May-17 16:11:37

Hi, we have been offered a nursery place for autumn 2018 for DS at Prospect House school. DH and I are now debating if accept the place and end the whole waiting process since that would mean DS would automatically get a place for reception 2019 or if we wait until October to see if DS is offered a place at Newton Prep in battersea, which would also get him a reception place at the school. We visited both schools and really like both, PHS seems smaller but nurturing and NPS it's lovely also and we do have a slightly preference for it. Commuting to either school wouldn't be bad at all, we are around Southfields/Earsfield area so easy to get to either school, we have tried the school run for both. Any parents from either PHS or NPS that could share your thoughts about the schools. Are you and DC happy about school? Thank you.

Out2pasture Sun 28-May-17 23:07:52

in this thread it was suggested which ever is nearest.
I've only toured NPS my only concern would be the amount of free roaming in battersea park (which is an amazing beautiful park) but I do see the children on treasure hunts and other activities with adequate supervision but still off school grounds in a massive park.
on the day of the tour parking was unpleasant.
then there is the area which is somewhat "industrial".

sanam2010 Mon 29-May-17 10:30:16

they are so different, have you not got a gut feel for which one is more suitable? NP is much larger, more facilities, extracurriculars, it's also pushier academically. PH is smaller, nurturing, very supportive. NP sets the kids by ability from year 1, PH is non-selective and supports kids with dyslexia etc.. Think if you want a pushy school or a nurturing one (to put it in black and white terms...)

IrrationalAnthem Tue 30-May-17 05:53:07

❤ prospect house. They find the very best in every child.

PatiMum Tue 30-May-17 22:14:05

Thank you all for taking the time to replay. We always had in our minds that nurturing at such a young age would be more important than too pushy so I think PHS might be the right choice here.
IrrationalAnthem, out of curiosity, do you have any DC at PHS or know someone that does? I love the idea that they are very supportive of all kids, DS is only two at the moment so honestly have no idea how academic he will be. We need to make a decision soon so thank you all again.

IrrationalAnthem Tue 30-May-17 22:31:06

Yes, I've had 2 children at PHS, one still there. One quiet & academic the other sporty, dramatic & gregarious. Both have had a wonderful experience. The Head knows every single child and you are so well supported at 11+ to get your child into the RIGHT school for them.

IrrationalAnthem Tue 30-May-17 22:35:07

Send me a DM if you want any more info,

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