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Help with schools in NW London

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vee123 Thu 25-May-17 12:06:49

I am relocating from overseas, I really need info/ input on pvt schools with good learning support in North west London. My 6 year old currently attends a lovely small American school with fantastic learning support. My son is only in kindergarten which is Yr 1 in the UK and although he hasn't required learning support at his current school his teacher thinks he may need it as time progresses especially with writing and numeracy. He is also socially/ emotionally a bit immature compared to his peer group and the teacher has been working really hard to help him control his emotions but otherwise he is a very happy social and complaint kid and has many friends. He was born pre-mature so I think he just behind the curve. I really want a nurturing school with good support, I am also nervous that he will be jumping a grade from Kindergarten (in US) into Year 2 (in UK) and that really makes me nervous. He has been offered a spot at Northbridge House but I am not sure if that is the right school , also worried it has 100 kids in year 2 (20-23 per class) compared to 16 kids x2 in his current class. Please advice

CruCru Thu 25-May-17 15:00:16

Hello, have you looked into ASL? If your children are already in school in the US, it may make sense to keep them in the same school system.

vee123 Thu 25-May-17 16:04:50

Hi Crucru- thanks and yes I did consider ASL and have heard fab things about it but currently they don't have a spot for his year group and I also think maybe worth trying the UK curriculum given we are originally from the UK.

CruCru Thu 25-May-17 16:14:18

Ah, I see. I have heard good things about The Academy but I have no direct experience of it.

A school we did see (and really liked) was St Anthony's - the head was inspiring and the boys were lovely.

vee123 Thu 25-May-17 16:25:32

Oh good to hear that, I will email At Anthony's & The Academy right away, any idea how they are with learning support ?

CruCru Thu 25-May-17 16:37:33

When we looked round St Anthony's, the head spoke about how boys are often taken out in little groups for extra help (this can be either to get them up to the level of the rest of the class or to stretch them a bit more because they are ahead - quite a few boys are "stretched" in one subject and "supported" in another - and it isn't any big deal.

Re: The Academy, in the Good Schools Guide, it says that they have a special-needs expert visit weekly and are "happy to work with the very strong and the very weak". It's reputation is that it is a great school for more quirky children who may be not having such a great time elsewhere.

CruCru Thu 25-May-17 16:38:43

Sorry Its reputation

Mary21 Thu 25-May-17 16:46:33

Not quite sure where in North London you are. This is a bit of a random selection.
Dwight International
Mill Hill Foundation
If you are further in Rosemary Works School

horsemadmom Fri 26-May-17 09:03:00

I know the special needs teacher at The Academy (we saw her privately). She's amazing!!!!!!

Geoid Fri 26-May-17 14:45:53

The 'hot house' schools are Mulberry House and Hampstead Hill School; both are lovely though, they just also get very good results at 7+ as well.

Devonshire House and Northbridge House seem to be a little more relaxed as don't have children sitting the 7+; of course in the final years things heat up a bit.

Have you tried an out of cycle place at Highgate or UCS - hugely oversubscribed and you would have to sit 7+ next year to remain at the school I believe. You may want to check out Heathside and King Alfred's as I know people rave about these schools and their laid back, gentle approaches - I don't know them personally though.

You may want to check out the Mums in the Wood website as it has a lot of information. If you are from the UK and not planning to return to the US I'd make the change now rather than later. I also believe your son does not have to skip a year - you could hold him back so that he's be the eldest; it may let him catch up socially too. It's obviously much easier to do this now, rather than later.

vee123 Sun 28-May-17 03:54:21

Thanks ladies- the Academy seems like a good fit. Horsemadam- does that mean they have a good learning support team at The academy?? I really hope they have a spot for him. My middle child is sitting the UCS assessment and from what I have seen the likes of UCS and Highgate will be too much for my 6 year old, at least at this point and I don't want him to feel overwhelmed.

CruCru Wed 31-May-17 15:07:06

Super, let us know how you get on.

vee123 Sun 04-Jun-17 17:40:54

Hi Crucru- I have a meeting with the head The Academy School, things have been slow as schools have been shut down for half term!

CruCru Sun 04-Jun-17 19:59:40

Ah yes, I'd forgotten about that (we have a later half term to all the other schools).

vee123 Mon 05-Jun-17 11:35:32

Does anyone know if Academy has a good learning support team . Like every other school, some reviews are fab and others less sosad

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