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Separation anxiety at 7

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PurpleMinionMummy Wed 24-May-17 14:48:25

My dd is in yr 3 and hates going into school in the mornings. She's generally fine at home beforehand and on the walk in, it's literally just the goodbye and her going in she struggles with. She's always sad and clingy and occasionally cries. She's always happy when she comes out at the end of the day though.

She's very tired atm and this has resulted in her crying in the mornings before school, crying when her dad leaves for work and crying at drop off as well as clinging to me and one day running back out the classroom into the playground after being ushered in by a teacher. She says she misses me but I need some help/advice on how to help her. Any ideas?

Both dd and her teacher say everything is fine at school itself and she's still always fine and happy when she comes out.

bingbongbinglybonglyboo Wed 31-May-17 01:43:38

Ugh. We went through this w our DD about a year ago. Similar age altho we'd just moved house/school too.

It was mostly just time that healed I think. About 4/5 months altogether but with improvements sooner than that.

What helped was setting aside time each evening before too late/too tired to talk about the following day, what was going on the next day and something to look forward to. Careful not to minimise feelings (Instead of it'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about. Rather, I understand how you're feeling. Let's think about something fun that will happen tomorrow). Little treats/rewards to look forward to - fave meal for supper or a little lunchbox surprise or time with you/other parent playing a fave game or reading together. Play dates with classmates to forge bonds with pals.

GL -- it can be so horrible and stressful to see them like that. Hopefully it will soon pass.

BlueChampagne Wed 31-May-17 12:54:25

DS1 went through this last year when he was 8; came out of the blue, no move or anything. Also long journeys.

A friend recommended Helen Kennerley's "Overcoming Anxiety" which I read, and tried to apply.

Something helped, as he's much better this year (touch wood).

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