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Fairlawn School (SE23) vs. Dulwich prep.

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publicprivate Wed 24-May-17 09:54:11

Dear all,

My son has got admission in the reception class in Fairlawn. SE23. He currently is going to Dulwich Prep ‘DP’ school. We are very confused if we should take him out of DP and send him to Fairlawn. We both schools are outstanding, but would welcome any opinions, advise you might have.

With DP the main concern of course is the price you have to pay when you are getting opportunity for free state education in Fairlawn and that he will be mostly surrounded with children from posh background.

With Fairlawn we do not know much about the school, though have heard very good things about it and how oversubscribed it is. We however are bit concerned that the school does not has a uniform for kids, which I find bit difficult to get comfortable with. Additionally would welcome any opinions from facilities perspective as from outside the school looks a bit shabby and does not seems to have any garden area for the kids.

Do the teachers at Fairlawn give strong importance to disciplining the kids (this is a big focus point in DP which we really appreciate) and do all kids get enough attention? Is their focus on sports and extracurricular activities? Would appreciate any advise.

Many thanks.

chameleon71 Wed 24-May-17 10:01:23

have you not looked round Fairlawn? This has to be your next step - talking to current teachers and parents directly is the only way you will get accurate answers.

you do know that you will be liable for the autumn term fees at DPL regardless of what you do now? You have to give a full term's notice. Why have you delayed making a decision?

publicprivate Wed 24-May-17 10:49:25

Wish things were that easy Chameleon. We only got to know coupleof days back on fairlawn admission, were way down the waiting list. I had called Fairlwan to arrange a meeting but they said they cannot do one to one sessions and will only be having one session with all parents in end of June. hence I posted here for advise ....

chameleon71 Wed 24-May-17 11:55:46

Maybe try reaching out to current parents? Friends of friends? or someone on the PTFA? Is there a coffee morning you could go to?

The school calendar has a PTA fun run on June 11 - go along?

to be honest, given that you're paying for the autumn term anyway, the urgency slightly goes out of the situation? If you don't make a decision until the end of June it won't really change anything?

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