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Shaming children in school because of lack of progress

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bojorojo Mon 22-May-17 10:58:34

The co Leader of the Green Party has just launched their manifesto. As part of the introduction he said that there is a noticeboard in the middle of the foyer at his school with three concentric circles on it. On the noticeboard there are pictures of every child. The ones in the centre of the circles have made three levels of progress, The ones at the extemity of the outer circles have made no progress. Is this ever an acceptable way to indicate progress to parents and visitors? I think it is discriminatory and should not be allowed. What do you think? Does it happen in your school? As a Governor I am not allowed to know the names of the pupils who achieve well and less well. Why does any school attach pictures to the children in an entrance foyer and shame them? I am very cross for those children. The co Leader of the Greens said his children were in the centre section and had made three levels of progress!

Heratnumber7 Mon 22-May-17 11:06:57

That's awful!

The school I was gov at had pupils' photos on the wall, but that was outside the staff room, not on general display.

If that was my childrens' school I'd complain. And I'm usually pretty easy going.

OdinsLoveChild Mon 22-May-17 11:08:35

Its not right but it's widespread.

DS school has a RAG chart, Red, Amber, Green. They have each childs photo on this chart showing how well they are progressing with each topic. Its in full view of everyone who walks past the window or visits the school.

Its really bad form but so many schools use it because they mistakenly believe it encourages those children falling behind to try harder.

At High School they use a similar chart but just use names. They use photos every half term to show those pupils who have 100% attendance or made the most progress through the term etc They end up on social media via the school to showcase the improvements at the school. My DD has now refused to have her photo taken for school because she didn't like the way it was making her feel and her friends feel.

Whirltime Mon 22-May-17 11:18:53

This is what worries me. What about children with issues who struggle hows that going to help.
Ds2 is 4 this year starts school september 2018 hes got development delay and currently under assessments for Autism and Learning disabilities and as it stands the LA are wanting to put him in mainstream school with support. How would this help him really. Hes in nursery and made very little progress since January. Its belittling and disgusting how children like my son could be show up loke this by the schools for not progressing well.

anon1987 Mon 22-May-17 11:22:56

I think it's disgusting.
I have 3 dd and 2 have special needs, one with dyslexia and the other with brain damage.

If my dd school did that, id be strongly complaining to the education board.
Children can excel in areas in their education other then maths and English.
For example my dd with dyslexia is like a sponge with history and is a very talented artist.
If that's all they Learnt she'd be top of the class.
Similarly my youngest dd 4 who has brain damage, is a whizz on a laptop and has been able to navigate and use one since she was 18 months, yet can't speak a word.

bojorojo Mon 22-May-17 11:24:30

I used to suffer "form orders" at school where all our marks were displayed in our base classroom and we were ranked in order of marks. It was at grammar school many years ago but I am amazed parents do not complain these days!! It is SO demeaning. Why do people put up with it in a "public" place for all to see? Surely SEN children with learning difficulties are humiliated? What about those who do not speak much English? It is terrible!!! So much for "inclusive" schools. It is not wrong for teachers to know this data, but everyone!!?

CrazedZombie Mon 22-May-17 12:24:56

That doesn't happen at our OFSTED outstanding school. There is no doubt amongst the children that everyone is good at something and often it's something that's not learned at school e.g. music or manners.

I've seen classrooms where the teacher might have a list on the wall with what times table each member of the class is on or what phonics groups contains which child.

Our primary doesn't do levels. They are marked against the government criteria and while the kids know if a friend is top/middle/bottom group they'd have no idea about progress of others.

GuestWW Mon 22-May-17 17:00:53

This does happen at our OFSTED outstanding school. Marks are frequently read out in class and those underachieving are publicly humiliated. Not sure who is supposed to benefit from that.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Mon 22-May-17 17:04:05


halcyondays Mon 22-May-17 17:04:21

I've never heard of this, it sounds awful.

SisterhoodisPowerful Mon 22-May-17 17:08:25

Traffic lights are common here too. I never understand how this doesn't violate the equalities act since many of the children have learning or behavioural disabilities.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Mon 22-May-17 17:14:16

Since the high achieving children may make little progress if teachers do not stretch them would they be some on the outside of the circle.

sazzleevans Mon 22-May-17 18:45:46


bojorojo Mon 22-May-17 22:08:31

Why don't parents complain? I would have done - loudly! It is not acceptable.

Effic Mon 22-May-17 22:10:44

Good grief! Yikes! That's awful. Who on earth thinks that's a good idea??

youarenotkiddingme Mon 22-May-17 22:15:03

I've seen the traffic lights system but only in regards to teachers personal tracking records and it's how they show me how my ds is doing in relation to his targets on his EHCP.

I'm glad it's not public - my poor ds struggles enough without always being in the outside of another circle or his red splattered all over a notice board.

user1491810905 Mon 22-May-17 22:15:24

I teach at a prep school.anf this would NEVER happen. Nor would I teach anywhere it did. We celebrate children's achievements, academic or not academic and never shame those who do less well.

If a child isn't making progress, I imagine it's rarely their fault. There are often circumstances affecting this that are beyond their control.

Blueemeraldagain Mon 22-May-17 22:19:56

We have a RAG board like this in the SEMH school I work in but it is done by initials/year group (e.g. PA9 We are a very small school so this works so far) and is up in the staff room away fro windows.

Naty1 Tue 23-May-17 12:05:02

I think progress with photos is ridiculous as children dont make progress linearly.
I would prefer by exam results as at least that is absolute and not down to observation/opinion.
I hate eyfs for that as it's all a matter of observation. Dd1 in yr R is reading well on now turquoise at home but only blue at school. So the school could say she has made x amount of progress if she gets to turquise at end of yr 1, whereas imo she wouldnt have progressed at all.
Similarly, she could already read all single phonenes and 3 letter words on starting school, however they never noticed and again i would say she has made much less progress than they may say.
Their interpretation is probably
Nil to blue by end yr R
Mine is
Red or yellow to turquoise.

HenryPassMeTheBourbons Tue 23-May-17 15:44:59

Absolutely dreadful and if this is the case, it is no wonder that many dyslexic children have little self belief

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Tue 23-May-17 21:40:51


My school do not have ANY chart, list or similar displayed ANYWHERE on school walls, noticeboards etc.

A child's attainment, achievements and progress are strictly confidential between SLT, the teacher (SENCO if needs be), the child and the parents.

We have Pupil Progress Meetings but only the adults who actually TEACH the child are present and it is discussed in the strictest of confidence.

Even when a child hasn't performed in class, we speak to them 1:1, sometimes you get a nosey child wanting to hear the tale but you shoo them along!

roundtable Tue 23-May-17 21:45:08

That's dreadful. Genuinely shocking. I haven't seen that in any school I've worked in thankfully as I'd have to say something.

Starlight2345 Tue 23-May-17 21:49:45

Gosh. My DS already compares himself unfavourably to his peers. Put his photo on public display for all to see would reinforce him and his self esteem would hit the floor.

P1nkP0ppy Tue 23-May-17 21:50:28

It's insidious bullying in my opinion. Disgusting and counterproductive.
I hope parents complain, very loudly.

Casz Tue 23-May-17 22:09:31

How to encourage parents of children who may for whatever reason make less progress to take their children elsewhere.

Leaving a higher proportion who are making good or better progress ... One of the measures schools are judged on in the league tables.

Anyone who judges or chooses a school based on its SATs results or league table position is feeding this kind of behaviour.

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