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Year 2 Sats

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lionsleepstonight Wed 17-May-17 00:05:25

First time with this, but do the results get given to parents, and are they representative of my child's ability for the subjects tested?
This isn't a Sats bashing thread, just curious of what I can take away from it.

WhenTheDragonsCame Wed 17-May-17 00:19:12

I have had 2 DDs year 2 SATs so far and I can honestly say that I can't remember what they got or how I was given the results. DD3 is doing them now and the school have said that they also use teacher observations as well as the test to work out where they are.

WhenTheDragonsCame Wed 17-May-17 00:23:21

DD3 has been telling me how many questions she has got wrong in each test so I don't know if the teacher is marking the test as they finish.

mrz Wed 17-May-17 05:37:24

The school doesn't report the results, in the way Y6 tests are reported, as they are only used as evidence. The actual SATs standard given is based on teacher assessed.
If you want the test results you can request them.

mrz Wed 17-May-17 05:59:15

9.2 What reports must cover 

At KS1, it must include: 
outcomes of statutory national curriculum TA in English reading, English writing, mathematics and science"

*If a parent requests access to their child’s national curriculum test results, this must be made available to them.* *"**

BigWeald Wed 17-May-17 12:35:17

The child is tested in Arithmetic, Mathematical reasoning, and reading/comprehension (2 papers). The marks on the Arithmetic and Mathematical reasoning papers get combined and converted into a scaled score for maths with 100 as 'meets expectations'; the same with the two reading papers. These scores are not reported/collected anywhere.

As Mrz explained, the teacher uses these scaled scores, along with other evidence from throughout the year, to assess the child's KS1 outcomes for Maths and English Reading. The other assessed outcomes, English Writing and Science, are based solely on evidence from throughout the year. So it is simply that in Maths and Reading, the teacher has this extra bit of evidence to base his/her assessment on.

In our school, the KS1 SATS reports are given to the child to take home in a sealed envelope in the second-to-last week of term. They will include teacher assessments on Maths, English reading and writing, and Science, and other teacher assessments as well, but no test results.

I think I'll ask to see my DS' test results i.e. scaled scores. Simply because I'd like to know if there is any discrepancy between how he performed in the tests and how his teacher assesses his abilities. If there are any discrepancies, I might ask the teacher why she assessed him differently than how he achieved in the tests. E.g. did she feel he had a bad day/was lucky with the questions but lacks good comprehension of x that didn't come up in the tests/she feels he under performed in the test as he didn't deal well with the 'test conditions'/she feels he is good at answering multiple choice but doesn't actually understand what's going on/ ... or whatever - I think it would be good to know, IF there is a discrepancy, what she thinks it is due to.

Ifonlyoneday Wed 17-May-17 13:49:34

Our school is doing spag too. Although that sat is not compulsory. Do they get a scaled score and assessment for that too?

And are the categories still working below, working towards, working at the level and above the level?

BigWeald Wed 17-May-17 14:00:15

Not sure about the SPAG. Presumably the test marks are converted into a scaled score too. I'd hazard a guess that the teacher uses it as evidence for the English Writing assessment.

AFAIK (but I sometimes confuse KS1 and KS2 tests) the tests themselves are 85-99 -> hasn't reached expected standard; 100-115 -> has reached expected standard. It is impossible to score below 85. Children who are working below the level necessary to even access the test are not meant to sit them. There is no 'greater depth' either.
The reported teacher assessments for end of KS1 I think is structured a bit like you say, though I'm not sure of the wording. Is it 'mastered' and 'mastered at greater depth'?

Ifonlyoneday Wed 17-May-17 14:16:13

Found these which may explain the teacher assessment and grading.

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