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Shopkinsdoll Tue 16-May-17 14:43:44

Hi my son is in p2 going p3 in August. In his class out of 24 there is only 6 boys. There isn't a lot of boys in the whole year. 2 of the boys are little horrors, they hit, cause chaos in the class. In the other p2 class there is 8 boys out of about 24. All the boys in the other p2 are lovely. I feel as though he's not making any boy friends, he has lots of wee girl friends. I would love him to be in a class next term with more boys he gets on with, he's quiet and I'm scared he'll be in a class with those 2 wee boys again. Could I write an email to the head telling her my concerns? What do I say? He sometimes doesn't want to school. Thanks

BackforGood Tue 16-May-17 23:28:39

If your son doesn't want to go to school (more than most dc having days when they'd rather be out playing than in the classroom), then you can talk to the teacher about that.
I'm sure you know deep down that they are not going to discuss other children with you though, so no, you can't go and say you'd rather they weren't in your ds's class. I'm pretty sure if they are fairly challenging that the school already is fully aware and will be making the best choices for the population as a whole.

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