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Marie d'Orliac reviews

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user1494882341 Mon 15-May-17 22:20:29

Hello mums!
We have a nursery place at Le Herisson nursery, which guarantees a place at one of the French schools part of Aefe. We have visited Jacques Prevert and we really liked it but from a location perspective Marie d'Orliac is significantly better. The issue is that the school doesn't allow for visits prior to applying and therefore we cannot compare. Would anyone have any views on Marie d'Orliac??! Thanks!!

Mamabear12 Mon 15-May-17 22:47:14

Hello. You can view the school. I was told they do not allow viewings, but if you email saying you are interested in viewing and learning about the bilingual section and want to know when the next open day is. This is when a group of parents view the school. I believe the Lycée side does not let you view the school, but you can view through the state side. Getting a spot state side is almost impossible (lottery). We ended up getting a spot after the first term through the Lycée and my dd started MS there January and loves it. She is quite easy going and a happy girl, makes friends easily so had no problem settling in even though she has not French background, other then the French clubs I put her in a few months prior and practicing some basic French with her as I learned myself. Will you get a spot in the fully French section or the Bilingual section? From what I understand, the Bilingual section is more sought after then the fully French section, both are hard to get into. Apparently for Sept 2017 start not all siblings got a place! There is still room for movement, so I am sure by the start they will. But I was very surprised by this. One of the positives is the school location, right next to a park where the kids can run around and play after. Lots of good after school activities, which my DD loves to do. Do you have any questions in particular? Let me know and feel free to message me if you prefer that.

user1494882341 Tue 16-May-17 09:57:26

Thank you so much Mamabear12! I would get a spot on the fully French section I believe as she would only enter at CP, at which point I would expect it would be too late to enter into the Bilingual (although I may try to see if we get lucky!). My husband is French but I am not, so I was wondering whether the French section was way too "French" or whether there are students from a variety of backgrounds and feels a bit more international (or at least some kids with one none-French parent). Also, what I have sometimes heard from French schools is that they do not really support the student much if they are having issues and that there is not much of a sense of community like you may have in some English schools. Does the school make you feel part of it and your daughter has some sense of community? I guess you mentioned that she is happy there so probably all my fears may not be real! Thanks so much for the tip on how to visit it, I will certainly try it!! smile

Mamabear12 Tue 16-May-17 12:56:29

Yes, joining during CP would make it less like to get a spot at bilingual, as they start during MS. You could apply to see if she could start at MS. I would def recommend the bilingual stream over French stream. The French stream is, very French. All the kids I met in French stream can't speak English well at all. I am sure there are some of mixed nationalities. The ones I have met are fully French mainly. I do know of two that are mixed though. I am sure there are lots more. And perhaps there are more that can speak English...but the many I have met can barely speak English. But I guess if you speak English, you can make sure your DC speaks English. Def less of a community feel at the school. The parents at my DD previous school were a lot more friendly and interested in spending time, bonding and getting to know the other parents socially. The parents at this school do not seem interested at all in connecting. Or Perhaps all the French are just connecting with each other and I am not aware of it? Lol. I have met some of the other moms who are not french in bilingual stream and they are a lot more friendly and willing to make the effort. But of course there are some french moms who also are friendly. I guess its just luck on who is your DC class. One thing for sure is because its right next to a big park, a lot of the kids play there after school. My DD has regular friends to play with from her class after school. She is super happy there and my DS is very much looking forward to starting there in Sept. Good luck and hopefully you are able to view the school to get a better feel for it.

user1494882341 Tue 16-May-17 18:08:37

Thanks very much again! If I go the French root I need to finish where she starts so cannot apply to MS sad I will see if I can visit the school. All that I want is that she is happy in her school, that's the key! I already know that the level will be good. Thanks again!

Dolcevita17 Sun 21-May-17 03:47:22

Hello, I just wanted to add that Le Herisson is a very poor school - poorly managed and with poor educational attainments. Of course, you won't see this by visiting the school. You need to talk to the parents to learn that. As you know, if you put your children in one of the French schools in London, you need to finish whatever cycle your child is in before being able to switch schools, so you could be stuck for several years with the only option of transferring to the English system.

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