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Primary Schools in Tunbridge Wells

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Proton24 Sun 14-May-17 12:47:03

Hi Mums,

My son will be turning 4 this November. We are planning to move to Tunbridge Wells in September of this year (renting) and primary school placement is a whole new ball game for us. I've done a bit of research on primary schools in the area and we are looking to put him in a non-religious school.

The schools that fit this criteria are Claremont, Langton Green, Pembury, Bishops Down, and Broadwater Down. I have a few questions about the whole primary school process and would really appreciate the help of mum's in the TW area.

1.) What do you think of the above schools? Are all of them good for primary school. I know the OFSTED ratings but wanted more of a parent experience. I really like the Pembury area - the default option there is Pembury school. Is this a good school that children and parents are happy with? How about in terms of academic performance in Years 1,2,3 etc?

2.) Given that my son will turn 4 in November of this year, when is the earliest that we can submit his name for a placement at a school?

3.) How hard is it to get a placement in a top school like Claremont in Year 1 or 2, if you don't get into reception?

4.) Is living close enough to a school (i.e. Within catchment) sufficient to get you a place in the school? My son is the eldest so no other kids in school yet and faith based criteria doesn't come into play with our school selection.

5.) what are good/bad and expensive/reasonable areas to live in TW?

5.) Any other info or tips would be a huge help!!!

Thanks mums!

RustySwanson Fri 19-May-17 14:18:02

School applications for Kent open in November and close in mid Jan. So Nov is the earliest you can submit your application
The schools you have mentioned all follow the Kent criteria if they are oversubscribed:
-Children in local authority care or previously looked after children
-current family association (siblings)
-health and special access reasons
-nearest of children's homes to school

All the schools you mentioned are oversubscribed and are extremely popular so your best chance of getting in is to decide which area you want to live in and then try and be as close is possible to the school. It will come down to distance. For example the furthest distance from Claremont for school year staring 2016 was 0.1841 of a mile. It is extremely difficult to get into as the school is completely surrounded by family homes. And there are houses people rent right near to the school to get their place
For in Year admissions it is hard to say as it all depends if anyone leaves the school and then again the waiting list is on the same criteria as above so for most it comes down to closeness to the school
All info regarding outcomes for entry in 2016 are on Kents primary admissions page. I know for a fact that the distance from a Langton green for children currently in reception was smaller this year
My son goes to a Langton green and we love the school
I have a friend whose niece goes to Pembury and she is very happy there.
Claremont and Bishops down, also know mums with children at those schools who are happy. Broadwater is up and coming, not as sought after as the others but becoming more popular
The link the the Kent addmissons info is here
I would recommend visiting the area and trying to visit the schools asap then you can start looking for a home as close to the school of your choice as possible
Hope that is helpful
Good luck

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