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Phonics test

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MrsEms Sat 13-May-17 19:59:48

DD's progressed over the last couple of months to ORT stage 6 books which a friend indicated is normal for end of year 1.
We were informed of the phonics test two weeks ago and this week the children must have had a mock test because we received a letter home showing how they did.
DD only got 30 does this mean she is struggling even though shes moved up book bands?
Also when we are out shopping etc we are trying to encourage her to read signs and packets etc and have noticed she appears to be struggling and is guessing words or pronouncing wrong but can read the books fairly well.
Are we worrying over nothing or has DD been using picture clues and not actual phonics knowledge.

AuntieStella Sat 13-May-17 20:44:24

This screening is designed to show up exactly what you are concerned about - can your DC genuinely access text by making it sound right, or is she guessing/memorising.

Don!t worry about the screening - if it highlights the need for her to have continuing support because she is not yet decoding securely, this is still a good outcome for her.

mrz Sat 13-May-17 21:00:09

Older ORT books rely on children memorising the words as wholes using repetitive and highly predictable text alongside guessing from picture clues so if the school are using these it may be that she is using a mix of strategies including guessing and memorisation rather than reading the words accurately. As said the check is designed to identify children who aren't accurately reading text so that they can be supported.

MrsEms Sat 13-May-17 21:15:34

Thanks both.
Auntie Stella, honestly we are starting to think guessing but if she is how haven't school realised. She exceeded reading in reception and at parents evening were told should be secure easily. It's only because we have been encouraging whilst out that we have started to wonder.
Two examples today read chicken as chi Ken and couldn't read subscribe.
Mrz are you saying she may have actually been struggling all this time but because they use ORT it may have been disguised. She is in the top phonics group.

mrz Sat 13-May-17 21:22:57

I'm saying she may have been encouraged to guess

MrsEms Sat 13-May-17 21:36:29

Which I assume is wrong?
Feeling a rubbish parent at the moment because I honestly thought she was doing OK but outside books it seems she can't read. We have some songbirds stage 5 and 6 at home and phonics phase 4 and 5 books which she can read these and to us seems ok with books she picked from the library but outside books seems reluctant to read or struggles.

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