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School nursery allocations for April joiners

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Monkey2333 Sat 13-May-17 14:28:14

I've applied for a local state school nursery but have found out my child was unsuccessful in getting an April 2018 place (they do a Sept, Jan & April intake). It's two form intake & I already have a child at the school.
Does anyone know how this works, as in how many places are allocated in Sept, then the Jan, then the April?? I assume we didn't get a place as they were already allocated by children joining in the Sept and then the Jan but wondered whether they hold any back for the April intake?
I'm aware we still may get given a place but we'll find out much nearer the time but am still curious as to how it's allocated smile
Thank you.

bostoncremecrazy Sat 13-May-17 14:43:25

Where we are the applications have not been made for april 2018 intake....the applications are made in june 2017 to the council for both january and april intake.
Our school keep places for the jan and have X amount if startets in sept, X in jan and X in easter. The teachers say it easier this was than having 30 new starters together in sept.
Of course all LEAs are different though.
Hope that helps.

Sirzy Sat 13-May-17 14:50:34

It will depend on the schools set up I would imagine.

Ds school only does January/April intakes if they have places left. Generally it is full from September so most children join in the September after they turn 3.

Realistically, and financially, keeping places empty for 1/3 or 2/3 of the year doesn't make sense

Mamabear12 Sat 13-May-17 15:18:27

I would call the school directly and ask. Be very friendly and say you would really love your child to attend the nursery esp w the older sibling. I find this always least in my case. My dd missed out on a nursery spot so I visited the school and had a nice chat with them. A few days later we got a call as a spot opened up. Again, I was told when applying late for a nursery spot for my son that there were no spots, so I said I will apply to go on the waiting list. I called in later to find out what number he was on for waiting list and mentioned how I really liked the school etc. A few days later we got a letter offering a place to my DS. It could be coincidence, but my opinion is it does not hurt to visit the school, give a call or write a nice letter.

Monkey2333 Sat 13-May-17 19:14:20

Thank you everyone - interesting to hear the local variations. I'll pop in and ask next week smile

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