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7+ admission to The Mall/ Twickenham Prep/ Hampton Pre Pep

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MomsTheWorld Fri 05-May-17 13:45:53


Apologies for asking this question which may have been asked earlier

- I wanted to ask if any of you have children who have moved from state schools to private schools in year 3 (7+).
- What prep did you do for the 7+ exams in the following schools - the Mall, Twickenham prep and Hampton pre - prep, ?
- Can you help rank the schools in terms of your preference (we are looking for a school which is not just academically focussed but provides all round development (which is one of the reasons we are considering a private school for our son), has a good mix - culturally and socio economic.
- Any other private schools you would recommend in the Hampton, Twickenham area?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Rainbowsandunicorns88 Fri 05-May-17 14:06:48

Claremont prep in esher is fabulous

4448daybreak Fri 05-May-17 21:22:16

They are all super schools for boys but Hampton Prep feeds into Hampton Boys, Twickenham Prep goes to age 13 and The Mall to age 11. You need to visit Hampton School for Boys to help you make a decision. Have you visited Newland House? Lots of children move from the state system to these schools for Year 3.

notthe1Parrot Fri 05-May-17 21:44:49

The Mall goes to age 13.

4448daybreak Fri 05-May-17 23:35:08

The Mall announced last week that the current Year 4 will leave at the end of year 6 in 2019.

MomsTheWorld Mon 08-May-17 10:51:17

Thanks for your feedback 4448daybreak, notthe1Parrot and Rainbowsandunicorns88.

Good to know that it is not uncommon for children from state schools to move to independent schools in year 3. Have your children studied in any of these schools and please can you provide any tips on how one can prepare the child for the tests ? i want to avoid putting too much pressure on my DS at a young age. Don't want to make a big deal of things so just prepping by doing some practice sheets for about 15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. He is good at reading so is happy to read everyday.

The mall - i was also of the understanding that it went up to age 13, but i am not surprised that they have changed this to age 11 as most boys usually sit the 11+ and move to secondary schools or grammar schools - so very few students continue till age 13. They have also recently announced the year 3 intake to increase from a 2 form to a 3 form entry

Hampton - we are going to see Hampton prep school, so will check with them about seeing the Hampton Boys school as well.

I will add Newland House to my list of schools to visit.

Tw1mum Thu 22-Jun-17 12:39:10

My son's are at the Mall and will have an extra class joining at 7+ next year. They're capping the 3 classes at x 15 which is great. We're very happy there. A lot of boy's do seem to join in year 2 (I guess to avoid sitting the exam) if that's an option for you / might take the pressure off smile

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