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Only year 4 and already panicking about SATS

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M0stlyBowlingHedgehog Tue 02-May-17 21:47:17

DS is dyslexic. He hates any sort of test because he does so much worse than all his class mates. He is already panicking about SATS (I asked him - apparently the teacher has not mentioned them but other children have).

Any suggestions as to how to help him through (short of a week long strategically timed bout of diarrhea or somehow piling up enough annual leave from my work place to de-register him from school)?

mrz Tue 02-May-17 21:50:18

I'm not sure why other children are talking about the tests two years in advance but the school can do things to help him in the tests ...extra time ... a reader ...a scribe etc

Edna1969 Tue 02-May-17 21:51:00

Have you talked to the school?

I think they can apply for extra time and also a reader (not for the reading paper but the others).

I'm sure there are other strategies that could be adopted to help him.

Edna1969 Tue 02-May-17 21:52:46

I think all schools are SATs mad at the moment the atmosphere is noticeably different at DDs school this time every year and I'm sure it affects everyone.

DD1 is sitting SATs this year so we have lots of stress and tears already...roll on 12th May.

M0stlyBowlingHedgehog Tue 02-May-17 22:04:39

Thanks - I will definitely look into extra time. (DS's specific problem seems to be with working memory and he really struggles with timed tasks because he panics which then makes his concentration worse, which exacerbates the memory problems).

I'm guessing the children talking about it have older siblings.

On a more general level I'm really struggling with DS's complete lack of confidence. He is convinced he struggles at school because he is "stupid", and no amount of me trying to explain that he isn't seems to help.

slkk Tue 02-May-17 22:17:49

Unfortunately him missing SATS week won't help him much as the build up is where the real stress is. His teacher will be able to apply for extra time for him in the march or April before the tests. He will also be allowed a reader for maths and spag tests and a prompter as well as rest breaks if he needs them. He is also allowed a scribe if he finds writing difficult. This can be a game changer for dyslexic kids. Most importantly, remind him that SATS are really a test of the school, not him.
It might be worth doing a bit of research into celebrities and even writers who are dyslexic. It might help him see that the problem is not him, it's the education system that makes it hard to show his true potential.

M0stlyBowlingHedgehog Tue 02-May-17 22:35:58

I am trying to find him positive role models (including one of my friends for whom the extra time in exams was a game changer - they ended up as a professor of particle physics!) And I have been pushing the idea that they are a test for the school not for the kids. But all to no avail.

Hiddeninplainsight Wed 03-May-17 08:42:42

Although extra time makes a difference it was never a total game changer. I muddled through exams. It was when it got to the point that understanding was much more important than learning (university- and really MSc and beyond) that dyslexic started being a positive because my thinking and connections are just a bit different. I am not totally sure what I would tell a dyslexic child, but I think it would be that extra time is trying to level the playing field but doesn't always and so you can only do your best, but more often it is easier for ability to really shine through at higher levels of learning, and so at primary level they should know that test scores rarely match ability but they should be so proud because all achievements are based on aspects of learning which come much harder at this age. It was also that incredible effort and determination which served me well. But these tests will not reflect potential for any dyslexic child. A good secondary school will also know that.

deplorabelle Thu 11-May-17 10:34:58

I think for a fear about something so far away, getting into specifics is only going to feed the fear. On the SATs panic I'd be inclined to discourage discussion. "It's two years away and the tests last four days. They get you ready for SATs in year 6 so the time to think about it is when you join year 6. Anyone talking about it in year 4 is just being silly/spreading rumours/ winding people up for no good reason"

sazzleevans Fri 12-May-17 12:38:52

Do they get SATS when they join year 2? I am in Wales and i am not sure if it's different.

irvineoneohone Fri 12-May-17 16:05:16

My ds only experienced yr2 sats, but his was doing past sats papers since reception. So he was used to the style/format of the test when it actually happened in yr2.

Can you download past papers( even old style ones before curriculum change) and try it few times over 2 years so he get the feeling of what tests are like?

My ds' school does end of term /half term tests. Some parents think i't's overkill for primary children, I think it's good practice run for the real thing, at least makes children less nervous about tests.

user1955 Sat 13-May-17 10:53:38

but his was doing past sats papers since reception hmm. Not impressed with a school doing that!

smellyboot Sat 13-May-17 21:05:47

SATs are a big thing now for Yr6 although not sure why as they dont effect the kids - its judging the school. Yr2 SATs should be barely noticed. Our Yr2 have done them this week and most people have made no mention of them; many parents didnt even know if was now

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