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Questions to ask potential 11+ tutor

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Gentlysnoring Thu 27-Apr-17 14:02:48

We live in a county with a full grammar system where all children take the 11+ at school unless you specifically opt out. The results decide what schools you can apply for (i.e. grammar / non grammar). The primary schools aren't allowed to teach the 11+, advise on it, or do any practice for the papers.

I'm therefore going down the tutoring route so my DS has an idea on what to expect and some experience in the type of questions, subject matter etc.

When choosing a tutor, can anyone give me any pointers about what questions I should ask? So far I am thinking: do they do an honest assessment, do they do practise papers, what subject matter do they cover, how much homework, pass rates, can they supply references, how do they keep the child engaged?

Am I missing anything? Ideally I'd get a personal recommendation but this hasn't been possible.


sassymuffin Fri 28-Apr-17 14:20:11

All are really good questions to ask.

I also asked:

What what are the tutors qualifications?
How will my child's progress be monitored?
What if my child does not progress?
Cancellation /Sickness / Holiday policy regarding fees?

Are you planning on having a tutor come to you or are you planning on taking your child to the tutor and is it an individual or company that will supply the tutoring?

DS's tutor focused on not just the 11+ but increasing vocabulary, and improving spelling and maths skills which were of enormous benefit in his general schoolwork.

Gentlysnoring Fri 28-Apr-17 22:44:39

Thanks Sassy, really good points about progress - and I hadn't thought about holiday etc policy at all.

The set-up is that we go to the tutor who has a very small group of children (max 6) and a helper so two adults to six kids.

Good to hear that it was of general benefit to your DS and not just of relevance to a couple of hours in a year's time!

user1494609566 Fri 12-May-17 19:29:56

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